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Dennis M.
Charles H. Spurgeon and the Nation of Israel: a non-dispensational perspective on a literal national restoration
ETS-5211 fiche
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Paper presented at the 52nd National Conference of the Evangelical Theological Society, Nashville, TN, November 15-17, 2000. Microfiche. Portland, Or.: Theological Research Exchange Network, 2001. (Evangelical Theological Society papers; ETS-5211).

Dennis Swanson's statement written in the year 2000 "It is certainly impossible to declare with certainty that the present State of Israel is or is not prophetically significant" needs to be questioned. If the present State of Israel were to disappear, would the Biblical assertion that there will be (only) a second exodus (return from the diaspora to the land) not damage the credibility of Scripture and with it the credibility of God himself? There are many reasons why it is not only "likely that God has in fact established the nation again...." Study the long history of how today's Israel finally came into existence and what happened since. Most of today's literature on Biblical Prophecy has been written before 9-11 or has not taken account of September 9, 2001. While that date requires a careful interpretation of its own, the intensity with which Israel and whoever is associated with it is being attacked from without and from within, merely confirms the certainty that the present State of Israel definitely has a prophetic significance. It sets the stage "for the final regathering and restoration in belief" as Dennis Swanson's noteworthy paper rightly concludes.