Apr 24, 2019


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David L.
Jews, Gentiles, and the Church: a new Perspective on History and Prophecy
Grand Rapids, MI: Discovery House
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pt. 1. The scriptural footings.

  • The commonwealth of Israel and the covenants
  • The Christ of Israel and the kingdom
  • The course of this age and the consummation

pt. 2. The historical flow.

  • The unspeakable anguish of worldwide dispersion
  • the incredible history of worldwide anti-Semitism
  • The unimaginable atrocity of the Holocaust
  • The inextinguishable light of Christian expectation

pt. 3. The sequential facts.

  • The stirrings of the dream of Zion
  • The counterpoint of the move of militant Islam
  • The quickening of the pulse: WWI and the Balfour Declaration
  • Miracle at mid-century: WWII and the birth of Israel
  • Jews inside and outside Israel: assessment and anticipation

pt. 4. The prophetical future.

  • The fullness of the Gentiles and the exit of the church
  • Convulsions of the end time and the new world order
  • The rebuilding of the temple: Israel and the antichrist
  • The conversion, agony, and glory of Israel
  • The smiting stone and the coming of the Kingdom
  • Our faithful God and the responsibility of the church.