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James Chukwuma
Israel And the Nations: A Mission Theology of the Old Testament
Orbis Books
Summary: The basic premise is that God is the First Missionary in the Old Testament. His goal is to create for Himself a people to serve Him, represent Him, and facilitate the coming of the Servant who is to do the work of redemption for all nations. He uses prophets and surrounding nations to chastise his servants, warning and humbling them through national defeats or temporary exiles. But this is to awaken Israelites to their calling to be a light for all nations and embark as people of God on mission (Isaiah 49, the book of Jonah, the book of Amos, Nehemiah, Esther, etc). This mission is not about forcing a set of beliefs on people, but about being a shining witness for the greatness of the true God.
Contents: The hermeneutics of mission in the Old Testament -- A brief survey of trends in mission -- Genesis 1 as blueprint for mission -- "You have put all things under his Feet" (Psalm 8) -- The blessing of Abraham (Genesis 12:3) -- "For the whole world is mine" (Exodus 19:3-8) -- God of righteousness: the prophetic protest of Amos -- The protest of Jonah -- The primacy of the righteousness of God -- "Sing to Yahweh, all the Earth" (Psalm 96) -- Zion, center for world peace and moral center of the world (Isaiah 2:2-5) -- The inclusive covenant -- A light to the nations : Deutero-Isaiah and mission -- "I am creating a New Heaven and a New Earth" (Isaiah 65:17-25).

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