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Daniel R.
The Apostle Paul in the Jewish Imagination: A Study in Modern Jewish-Christian Relations
Cambridge University Press
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Contents: pt. 1. The Apostle Paul and popular Jewish cultural identity. Paul in the popular Jewish imagination -- pt. 2. The Apostle Paul and Jewish identity : religious studies and theological approaches. Constructions of Paul and interfaith relations : building barriers or bridges between Judaism and Christianity -- Constructions of Paul in intra-Jewish debate : establishing Jewish authenticity -- Constructions of Paul as a dialogical partner : transformative approaches to Jewish self-understanding -- pt. 3. The Apostle Paul and Jewish interest in the Judeo-Christian tradition : artistic and literary approaches. An oratorio by Felix Mendelssohn, a painting by Ludwig Meidner, and a play by Franz Werfel -- The novels of Shalom Asch and Samuel Sandmel -- pt. 4. The Apostle Paul and Jewish critiques of the place of religion in society : philosophical and psychoanalytical approaches. The philosophical writings of Baruch Spinoza, Lev Shestov, and Jacob Taubes -- The psychoanalytical writings of Sigmund Freud and Hanns Sachs -- Conclusion -- Appendix: the story of Abbu Gulish in the book of Tales.
Summary: Daniel R. Langton explores a wide variety of Jewish attitudes toward the Apostle Paul in the context of modern Jewish thought, paying particular attention to the role of Jewish identity and ideology.

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