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Persecution, Polemic, and Dialogue: Essays in Jewish-Christian Relations
Academic Studies Press
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Contents: Spanning the centuries. Anti-Semitism: an overview -- The Middle Ages. From Crusades to blood libels to expulsions: some new approaches to medieval anti-Semitism -- A generation of scholarship on Jewish-Christian interaction in the medieval world -- Jacob Katz on Jews and Christians in the Middle Ages -- Introduction to The Jewish-Christian debate in the high Middle Ages: a critical edition of the Nizzahon vetus with an introduction, translation, and commentary -- On the image and destiny of Gentiles in Ashkenazic polemical literature -- On the uses of history in medieval Jewish polemic against Christianity: the quest for the historical Jesus -- Christians, Gentiles, and the Talmud : a fourteenth-century Jewish response to the attack on rabbinic Judaism -- Mission to the Jews and Jewish-Christian contacts in the polemical literature of the high Middle Ages -- The Barcelona disputation : review essay -- Christian heresy and Jewish polemic in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries -- Gilbert Crispin, Alan of Lille, and Jacob Ben Reuben: a study in the transmission of medieval polemic -- The attitude of St. Bernard of Clairvaux toward the Jews -- St. Peter Damian: his attitude toward the Jews and the Old Testament -- Modern and contemporary times. Religion, nationalism, and historiography: Yehezkel Kaufmann's account of Jesus and early Christianity -- The "Jewish contribution" to Christianity -- Jewish-Christian relations: a Jewish perspective -- Reflections on conversion and proselytizing in Judaism and Christianity -- On Dominus Iesus and the Jews -- Revisiting "confrontation" after forty years: a response to Rabbi Eugene Korn -- Dabru Emet: some reservations about a Jewish statement on Christians and Christianity -- Jews, Christians and The passion.

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