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J. van & J. Cornelis de, Eds.
The Land of Israel in Bible, History, and Theology: Studies in Honour of Ed Noort
Leiden; Boston: Brill
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Contents: Translator's competence and intention in LXX-Joshua 2 / Theo A.W. van der Louw -- "Sound the trumpet!" : redaction and reception of Joshua 6:2-25 / Michaël N. van der Meer -- "Is this not written in the book of Jashar?" (Joshua 10:13c) : references to extra-biblical books in the Bible / Kristin De Troyer -- The geographical shape of the unconquered land in Joshua 13:2-5 MT and LXX / Cornelis den Hertog -- "Holy Land" in Joshua 18:1-10 / J. Cornelis de Vos -- "And the land was subdued before them--"? : some remarks on the meaning of [kavash] in Joshua 18:1 and related texts / Ute Neumann-Gorsolke -- Conquest of the land, loss of the land : where does Joshua 24 belong? / Mladen Popović -- Moses' preparation of the march to the Holy Land : a dialogue with Rolf P. Knierim on Numbers 1:1-10:10 / Horst Seebass -- Understanding the Pentateuch by structuring the desert : Numbers 21 as compositional joint / Christian Frevel -- From Joshua to Samuel : some remarks on the origin of the book of Judges / Klaas Spronk -- Judges 5 reconsidered : which tribes? what land? whose song? / Raymond de Hoop -- The land in the book of Hosea / Gert Kwakkel -- The land in the Psalms / Patrick D. Miller -- Reversal of a motif : the land is given into the hand of the wicked : the gift of land in some wisdom texts / Emke Jelmer Keulen -- Tobija und Nehemia : ihre Feindschaft und deren Motive / Klaus-Dietrich Schunck -- Der heilige Ort im Leben und Glauben Altisraels / Walter Dietrich -- Volk ohne Land : Überlegungen zur religiösen Neuorientierung des jüdischen Volkes in der persischen Diaspora / Ruth Kossmann -- Land and covenant in Jubilees 14 / Jacques T.A.G.M. van Ruiten -- New Jerusalem at Qumran and in the New Testament / Florentino García Martínez -- The desecration of "the most holy temple of all the world" in the "Holy Land" : early Jewish and early Christian recollections of Antiochus' "abomination of desolation" / George H. van Kooten -- The Mountain of Transfiguration in the New Testament and in later tradition / Ton Hilhorst -- Josua im Urteil einiger Freidenker / Cornelis Houtman -- The a truth and nothing but the truth : piety, prophecy, and the hermeneutics of suspicion in 1 Kings 22 / Eep Talstra -- Monotheism and violence : how to handle a dangerous biblical tradition / Rainer Albertz -- "And Jacob set up a pillar at her grave--" : material memorials and landmarks in the Old Testament / Rüdiger Schmitt -- The fascination for the Holy Land during the centuries / C.H.J. de Geus -- Bedouin poetry and landscape / Eveline J. van der Steen.

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