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Buried Alive: The Startling Untold Story About Neanderthal Man
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This book is the stuff of which Kuhnian scientific revolutions are made. A poorer explanation of the place of Neanderthal in the human family tree has been replaced by a superior one. Cuozzo argues that Neanderthal skeletons are the remains of post flood very old biblical patriarchs. Moreover, Cuozzo's findings of degeneration from Neanderthal to modern man mesh well with everything we know from empirical evolutionary biology (C.f. Dr. Lee Spetner's book, Not by Chance). We are not evolving up from a primordial soup, but rather down from the Garden of Eden.
The main text is divided into 33 short chapters spanning 257 pages, followed by 46 pages of research notes for those who wish to pursue the technical details, followed by references and index. Cuozzo shows with many examples how evolutionist presuppositions always overrule factual data whenever the two are in conflict, whether it is to do with fossil morphology or fossil dating. His main thesis is that, contrary to conventional wisdom, Neanderthal children matured far more slowly than their modern counterparts, Neanderthal longevity greatly exceeded that of modern humans, and it is their advanced ages which gave rise to their distinctive skull morphology. Moreover, their longevity is due to their superior physiology. Cuozzo's conclusion is that throughout history man has been devolving, not evolving, and he backs this up with detailed fossil measurements and calculations.

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