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Zev, Ed.
The Jewish Jesus: Revelation, Reflection, Reclamation
Purdue University Press
Amazon Review/s. Several of the essays were originally presented at a three-day symposium on 'Jesus in the context of Judaism and the challenge of the church,' hosted by the Samuel Rosenthal Center for Judaic Studies at Case Western Reserve University in 2009.
Contents: The Jewish Jesus : a partisan's imagination / Zeb Garber -- The kabbalah of Rabbi Jesus / Bruce Chilton -- The amazing Mr. Jesus / James F. Moore -- Jesus the "material Jew" / Joshua Schwartz -- Jesus stories, Jewish liturgy, and some evolving theologies until ca. 200 CE: stimuli and reactions / Ziony Zevit -- Avon Gilyon (Document of Sin, b. Shabb.116a) or Euagelon (Good News) / Herbert Basser -- Psalm 22 in Pesiqta Rabbati: the suffering of the Jewish Messiah and Jesus / Rivka Ulmer -- What was at stake in the parting of the ways between Judaism and Christianity? / Richard L. Rubenstein -- The Jewish and Greek Jesus /Yitzchak Kerem -- Jewish responses to Byzantine polemics 9th-11th centuries / Steven Bowman -- A meditation on possible images of Jewish Jesus in the Pre-Modern period / Norman Simms -- Typical Jewish misunderstandings of Christ, Christianity, and Jewish-Christian relations over the centuries / Eugene J. Fisher -- How credible is Jewish scholarship on Jesus? / Michael J. Cook -- Taking Thomas to temple: introducing evangelicals to the Jewish Jesus / Christina M. Smerick -- The historical Jesus as Jewish prophet: its meaning for the modern Jewish-Christian dialogue / Sara Mandell -- Before whom do we stand? / Henry F. Knight -- Edith Stein's Jewish husband Jesus / Emily Leah Silverman -- Can we talk? The Jewish Jesus in a dialogue between Jews and Christians / Steve L. Jacobs -- The New Jewish reclamation of Jesus in late twentieth century America: re-aligning and re-thinking Jesus the Jew / Shaul Magid.

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