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Alan J. Daniel J. & Jacob
When Judaism and Christianity Began: Essays in Memory of Anthony J. Saldarini
Brill Academic Publishers
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Table of contents:
v. 1. Christianity in the beginning. Matthew 21:12 : trading words, turning the tables, timing the end / H.W. Basser -- James and the (Christian) Pharisees / Bruce Chilton -- A "mother of sons" in Israel and in Matthew's Jewish-Christian community / L.S. Cahill -- Abraham in Marcion's gospel and epistles : Marcion and the Jews / J.J. Clabeaux -- Targumizing tendencies in Matthean redaction / C.A. Evans -- The Pharisees and Jews in Galilee and Q / R.A. Horsley -- From the birth of Jesus to the resurrection : women in the gospel of Matthew / T.R.W. Longstaff -- John the Baptist and Jesus / J. Marcus -- Deception, ambiguity, and revelation : matthew's judgmental scenes in social-science perspective / J.H. Neyrey -- Antioch's aftershocks : rereading Galatians and Matthew after Saldarini / R.M. Price -- Methodological reflections on the tax collectors in the gospels / L.M. Wills -- Judaism before 70. The Pharisees and the Mishnaic division of agriculture ... / A.J. Avery-Peck -- The importance of the Iturean principality according to Josephus and his contemporaries / J.A. Overman -- Pesher Nahum and Josephus / J.C. VanderKam.
v. 2. Judaism and Christianity in the beginning. The epistle to the Hebrews and the scrolls / H.T. Attridge -- How Jewish was Mark's Gospel? / D.H. Harrington -- The legal nature of Papyrus Yadin 19 and Galatians 3:15 / T.H. Lim -- The Jewishness of Matthew / F.J. Murphy -- The New Testament and the house of Shammai / J. Townsend -- Judaism from 70. Early rabbinic liturgy in its Palestinian milieu / Ruth Langer -- What use attributions? / Jacob Neusner -- Midrash and the rabbinic sermon / Gary Porton -- Archaeology and the ancient synagogues up to about 200 C.E. / James F. Strange -- How society shaped the liturgy of the scribes, priests, and rabbis / Tzvee Zhavy -- Judaism and Christianity today. Matthew's Christian-Jewish community and interreligious encounter today / F.X. Clooney -- Judaism and Christianity : the parting of the ways / A.D. Crown -- Actualizing Matthean christology in a post-supersessionist church / P. Cunningham -- Realistic expectations : the limits of theological negotiation / W.S. Green -- How to read Scriptures for religious truth / R.C. Neville.

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