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Huub van de
Matthew and the Didache: two documents from the same Jewish-Christian milieu?
Assen: Royal Van Gorcum; Minneapolis: Fortress Press
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Contents: Hypothesis on the development of Judaism and Christianity in Syria in the period after 70 C.E. / Bas ter Haar Romeny -- Milieu of Matthew, the Didache, and Ignatius of Antioch: agreements and differences / Clayton N. Jefford -- History and social setting of the Matthean community / Wim Weren -- When, why, and for whom was the Didache created? Insights into the social and historical setting of the Didache communities / Aaron Milavec -- Sermon on the Mount and the two ways teaching of the Didache / Kari Syreeni -- Use of the Synoptics or Q in Did. 1:3b-2:1 / John S. Kloppenborg -- Halakhic evidence of Didache 8 and Matthew 6 and the Didache community's relationship to Judaism / Peter J. Tomson -- Didache 9-10: a litmus test for the research on early Christian liturgy Eucharist / Gerard Rouwhorst -- Charismatiques itinérants dans la Didachè et dans l'Évangile de Matthieu (with an English abstract) / André Tuilier -- Two windows on a developing Jewish-Christian reproof practice : Matt 18:15-17 and Did. 15:3 / Huub van de Sandt -- Eschatology in the Didache and the Gospel of Matthew / Joseph Verheyden -- Do the Didache and Matthew reflect an "irrevocable parting of the ways" with Judaism? / Jonathan A. Draper.

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