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Ann W. & Sandor, eds.
Sacrifice, Scripture, and Substitution: Readings in Ancient Judaism and Christianity
University of Notre Dame Press
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Contents: Substitutive reading : an introduction to Girardian thinking, its reception in biblical studies, and this volume / Sandor Goodhart, Ann W. Astell -- Mimesis, sacrifice, and the Bible: a conversation with Sandor Goodhart / René Girard -- Bloody logic: the biblical economy of sacrificial substitution and some of its eucharistic implications / Thomas Ryba -- Aspects of the transformation of sacrifice in Judaism / Michael Fishbane -- The Eucharist and the mimesis of sacrifice / Bruce Chilton -- Eucharistic origins: from the New Testament to the liturgies of the golden age / Robert Daly -- Life after death: violence, martyrdom, and academic life in Western religions / Alan F. Segal -- Anti-Judaism, Josephus, and the Hellenistic-Roman period / Louis H. Feldman -- Beyond anti-Judaism: Louis Feldman and the 'lachrymose version' of Jewish history / Erich S. Gruen -- Mimesis, scapegoating, and philo-Semitism: reading Feldman and Girard / Stuart D. Robertson -- Creation and akedah: blessing and sacrifice in the Hebrew scriptures / Matthew Pattillo -- The unbinding of Isaac / Steven Stern -- Binding and blessing: a response to Pattillo and Stern / Sandor Goodhart -- Mimesis, sacrifice, and the wisdom of Job / Chris Allen Carter -- The expulsion of complaint from early Jewish worship / William Morrow -- The Book of Job and the problem of evil: reading from theodicy to the ethical / Sandor Goodhart -- Christian Gospel : Matthew, Luke, and John -- ch. 16. Luke and the opportune time: reading the temptation story as preface to kingdom and prologue to passion / William Martin Aiken -- A gospel that preaches nonviolence and yet provokes violence / Gérard Rossé -- 'Exilic' identities, the Samaritans, and the 'Satan' of John / Ann W. Astell -- Aristotle's 'natural slaves' and Colossae's unnatural 'Scythians': a generative exegesis of Colossians 3:11 / Christopher S. Morrissey -- Is an anti-sacrificial reading of Hebrews plausible? / Poong-In Lee -- Hermeneutics, exegesis, and René Girard: a response to Christopher Morrissey and Poong-in Lee / Anthony W. Bartlett.

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