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Salim J. & Lisa, eds.
The Land Cries Out: Theology of the Land in the Israeli-Palestinian Context
Cascade Books
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Contents: An overview of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict / Ambreen Tour Ben-Shmuel -- Where do we begin? The hermeneutical questions and their effect on the theology of the land / Lisa Loden -- A Messianic Jew looks at the land promises / Daniel C. Juster -- Towards a Messianic Jewish theology of reconciliation in light of the Arab-Israeli conflict: neither dispensationalist nor supersessionist? / Richard Harvey -- Dispensationalism and support for the state of Israel / John S. Feinberg -- The biblical concept of inheritance / Joseph Shulam -- Hagshama: a theology for an alternate Messianic Jewish Zionism / Phillip D. Ben-Shmuel -- The earth is the Lord's: Land, theology, and the Bible / Naim Ateek -- Jerusalem is the city of God: a Palestinian reading of Psalm 87 / Yohanna Katanacho -- A Palestinian theology of the land / Alex Awad -- Reading the Old Testament in a Palestinian church today: a case study of Joshua 6 / Munther Isaac -- Theology of the land: from a land of strife to a land of reconciliation / Salim J. Munayer -- Towards a theology of land: a Christian answer to the Israeli-Arab conflict / Manfred Waldemar Kohl -- A biblical perspective on Israel/Palestine / Colin Chapman -- Israel: land and people / Malcolm Hedding -- Where is the promised land? A covenantal perspective / Stephen R. Sizer -- Jesus and the land / Gary M. Burge -- Summarizing the points of dispute / Peter Walker.

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