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Eugene J., ed.
Visions of the Other: Jewish and Christian Theologians Assess the Dialogue
Paulist Press
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Contents: Judaism and Christianity: Their Respective Roles in the Strategy of Redemption -- Christian Theological Concerns After the Holocaust -- When Christians Meet Jews -- Judaism Encounters Christianity Anew.
Summary: In Visions of the Other four leading contemporary thinkers (two Jewish, two Christian) from the United States and Israel move forward the theological dialogue between the Jewish people and the Christian churches. The four theologians sensitively and compassionately look ahead from the death of the Holocaust and the rebirth of the Jewish story in the founding of the State of Israel. They ask how, in the light of these new chapters in the history of God's people, are we to tell our own stories while taking into account the divinely charged reality of the other's story? Visions of the Other opens new horizons for those who are eager to learn about the most dramatic ideological challenge facing western civilization at the beginning of its third millennium: the spiritual reconciliation of Jews and Christians. Fisher has gathered here in one volume significant essays by four of the most important scholar-theologians in the world. These scholars--two Jews and two Christians--critique the dialogue between the Jewish people and the Christian churches in light of 2,000 years of uneasy relations, reassessing all that has gone before in a spirit of renewed hope.

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