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Amy-Jill & Marc Z.
The Jewish Annotated New Testament
Oxford University Press
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Summary: The intention for publishing The Jewish Annotated New Testament, according to its editors, Amy-Jill Levine and Mark Zvi Brettler is to recognize the growing understanding between Jewish and Christian traditions, and to help further that understanding. The editors of this volume, both distinguished New Testament scholars, had two key reasons for creating this "Jewish Annotated New Testament." First they wanted Christian readers to learn more about the Judaic origins of Christianity and the context surrounding the life of Jesus. Second, they wanted to introduce Jewish readers to what is unquestionably one of the canonical texts in Western Civilization, whether they believe in it or not. On the whole, this volume does a fairly good job of serving these purposes. Many of the glosses found in the text are geared at linking the ideas and events of the gospels to their background in the history of Judaism. Each of the books of The New Testament is accompanied by a brief introductory essay. There are also a number of shorter sidebar essays positioned within each book to help to explain specific passages at greater length. Finally the end of the book contains a number of essays by leading experts on the bible and Jewish history on a broad range of relevant topics. Those who are involved in interfaith dialogue will recognize that this book will be a classic reference work for anyone seriously interested in Judaism in the first century.
Contents: Matthew / Aaron M. Gale -- Mark / Lawrence M. Wills -- Luke / Amy-Jill Levine -- John / Adele Reinhartz -- Acts of the apostles / Gary Gilbert -- Romans / Mark D. Nanos -- 1 Corinthians / Shira Lander -- 2 Corinthians / Alan J. Avery-Peck -- Galatians / Shaye J.D. Cohen -- Ephesians / Maxine Grossman -- Philippians / Michael Cook -- Colossians / Peter Zaas -- 1 Thessalonians / David Fox Sandmel -- 2 Thessalonians / Adam Gregerman -- 1 Timothy / Naomi Koltun-Fromm -- 2 Timothy / Tal Ilan -- Titus / Jennifer L. Koosed -- Philemon / Barbara Geller -- Hebrews / Pamela Eisenbaum -- James / Herbert Basser -- 1 Peter / Claudia Setzer -- 2 Peter / Michael R. Greenwald -- 1 John / Michele Murray -- 2 John / Julie Galambush -- 3 John / Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus -- Jude / Andrew S. Jacobs -- Revelation / David Frankfurter -- Essays. Bearing false witness : common errors made about early Judaism / Amy-Jill Levine -- The New Testament between the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) and Rabbinic Literature / Marc Zvi Brettler -- Jewish History, 331 BCE - 135 CE / Martin Goodman -- Judaism and Jewishness / Shaye J.D. Cohen -- The Law / Jonathan Klawans -- The synagogue / Lee I. Levine -- Food and table fellowship / David M. Friedenreich -- Ioudaios / Joshua D. Garroway -- Jewish movements of the New Testament period / Daniel R. Schwartz -- Messianic movements / David B. Levenson -- Jewish miracle workers in the Late Second Temple period / Geza Vermes -- Jewish family life in the First Century CE / Ross S. Kraemer -- The concept of neighbor in Jewish and Christian ethics / Michael Fagenblat -- Divine Beings / Rebecca Lesses -- Logos, a Jewish word : John's prologue as midrash / Daniel Boyarin -- Afterlife and resurrection / Martha Himmelfarb -- Paul and Judaism / Mark D. Nanos -- Judaizers, Jewish Christians, and others / Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert -- The canon of the New Testament / Michael R. Greenwald -- Translation of the Bible / Naomi Seidman -- The Septuagint / Leonard Greenspoon -- Midrash and parables in the New Testament / David Stern -- The Dead Sea Scrolls / Maxine Grossman -- Philo of Alexandria / David Satran -- Josephus / Shaye J.D. Cohen -- Jewish responses to believers in Jesus / Claudia Setzer -- Jesus in rabbinic tradition / Burton L. Visotzky -- Jesus in medieval Jewish tradition / Martin Lockshin -- Jesus in modern Jewish thought / Susannah Heschel -- Paul in Jewish thought / Daniel R. Langton.

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