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Thomas & Tobias
The Day of Atonement: Its Interpretations in Early Jewish and Christian Traditions
Brill Academic Publishers
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Contents: Das Geschenk der Versöhnung: Leviticus 16 als Schlussstein der priesterlichen Kulttheologie / Bernd Janowski -- The formulary of Atonement (Lev 16:21) in penitential prayers of the Second Temple period / Richard J. Bautch -- 'Commit injustice and shed innocent blood': motives behind the institution of the Day of Atonement in the book of Jubilees / Anke Dorman -- The Day of Atonement in the Dead Sea scrolls / William K. Gilders -- The Day of Atonement in the late Second Temple period: Sadducees' high priests, Pharisees' norms, and Qumranites' calendar(s) / Isaac Kalimi -- Yom Kippur in Josephus / Christopher T. Begg -- Yom Kippur in Mishnah Yoma / Günter Stemberger -- The Day of Atonement of the Samaritans / József Zsengellér -- Fasting with Jews, thinking with scapegoats: some remarks on Yom Kippur in early Judaism and Christianity, in particulr 4Q541, Barnabas 7, Matthew 27 and Acts 27 / Daniel Stökl Ben Ezra -- Christ as Hilasterion (Rom 3:25) Pauline theologyon the Day of Atonement in the mirror of early Jewish thought / Markus Tiwald -- Blood, life, and atonement: reassessing Hebrews' christological appropriation of Yom Kippur / David M. Moffit -- The inauguration of Yom Kippur according to the LXX and its cessation or perpetuation according to the book of Hebrews / Gabriella Gelardini -- 'Seder Yom ha-Kippurim kakh hu': zur Entwicklung der synagogalen Liturgie deVersöhnungstages / Andreas Lehnardt.

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