Sep 25, 2018



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Monopolizing Knowledge: A Scientist Refutes Religion-denying, Reason-destroying Scientism
Fias Publishing
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Contents: Science and scientism -- Reproducibility -- Clarity -- Demarcation -- Evolutionary explanation -- The case for scientism -- Denying science -- The technological fix -- Scientism and religion -- Integrating knowledge.
Summary: Can real knowledge be found other than by science? In this unique approach to understanding today's culture wars, an MIT physicist answers emphatically yes. He shows how scientism--the view that science is all the real knowledge there is--suffocates reason as well as religion. Tracing the history of scientism and its frequent confusion with science, Hutchinson explains what makes modern science so persuasive and powerful, but restricts its scope. Recognizing science's limitations, and properly identifying what we call nature, liberates both science and non-scientific knowledge. The error of scientism is responsible for much of the modern suspicion of science. And it underlies most of the militants atheist arguments against religion. Even though scientism is not proved by science, and as formal philosophy is largely discredited, the worldview still remains highly influential today. Often its presumptions are tacitly held by both sides of the culture wars, leading to irreconcilable confrontation. Rejecting scientism enables a principled intellectual reconciliation with religious faith, and with the rest of knowledge.

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