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Jan G. van der , ed.
Eschatology of the New Testament and some related documents
Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck
Contents: New Testament eschatology : an introduction : classical issues, disputed themes, and current perspectives / Jörg Frey -- "On Earth as it is in heaven": Matthew's eschatology as the kingdom of the heavens that has come / Andries van Aarde -- Eschatology and kingdom in Mark / Ernest van Eck -- Eschatology in the Gospel according to Luke / Michael Wolter -- Eschatology in John: a continuous process of realizing events / Jan van der Watt -- Eschatologie in der Apostelgeschichte / Ulrich Busse -- "For in hope we were saved" : discerning time in Paul's Letter to the Romans / Cilliers Breytenbach -- On eschatology in Paul's First Epistle to the Corinthians / Wolfgang Kraus in collaboration with Martin Kraus -- Paul's apocalyptic eschatology in 2 Corinthians / Stephan Joubert -- Living in hope "in the fullness of time": the eschatology of Galatians / Franc̜ois Tolmie -- "And he made known to us the mystery of his will ...": reflections on the eschatology of the Letter to the Ephesians / Petrus J. Gräbe -- In search of hope: eschatology in Philippians / Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte -- Eschatology in Colossians: "at home in the world" / Jeremy Punt -- In the presence of God: the eschatology of 1 Thessalonians ; The glorious presence of the Lord: the eschatology of 2 Thessalonians / Pieter G.R. de Villiers -- Eschatology in the Pastoral Epistles / Bernhard Mutschler -- Eschatology in Philemon: "biding the time" / Jeremy Punt -- The distinctiveness of Paul's eschatology / Michael Wolter -- The eschatology of Hebrews : as understood within a cultic setting / Gert J. Steyn -- James and eschatology: place and function of eschatology within a letter to the "Twelve Tribes in the Dispersion" / Patrick J. Hartin -- The eschatology of 1 Peter: hope and vindication for visiting and resident strangers / Fika J. van Rensburg -- Judgment on the ungodly and the parousia of Christ: eschatology in Jude and 2 Peter / Jörg Frey -- Remembering the future: eschatology in the letters of John / Ruben Zimmermann -- Depicting eschatology in the Apocalypse of John / Jan A. du Rand -- Eschatology in the Didache / Jonathan A. Draper -- The eschatology of the theologians of the second century / Hennie Stander -- Gnostic "eschatologies" / Tobias Nicklas -- Eschatology in 2 Clement / Wilhelm Pratscher -- The role of eschatology in New Testament moral thought: some introductory observations / Hermut Löhr.

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