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Daniel M., ed.
This World and the World to Come: Soteriology in Early Judaism
T&T Clark International
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Contents: 'Waiting for his deliverance': the story of salvation in Judith / Michael F. Bird -- 'God's great deeds of deliverance': soteriology in 3 Maccabees / J.R.C. Cousland -- The hermeneutic of grace : the soteriology of pseudo-Philo's Biblical antiquities / Preston M. Sprinkle -- Deliverance and justice: soteriology in the book of Daniel / Lorenzo DiTommaso -- On a wing and a prayer: the soteriology of the Apocalypse of Abraham / John C. Poirier -- The few who obtain mercy: soteriology in 4 Ezra / Jonathan Moo -- On the other side of disaster: soteriology in 2 Baruch / Daniel M. Gurtner -- Personal salvation and rigorous obedience: the soteriology of 2 Enoch / Grant Macaskill -- Enduring the Lord's discipline: soteriology in the Psalms of Solomon / Kenneth Atkinson -- Travelling the royal road: the soteriology of Philo of Alexandria / Ronald R. Cox -- 'Saved by Wisdom' (Wis. 9.18): soteriology in the Wisdom of Solomon / Daniel J. Harrington -- Survival at the end of days: aspects of soteriology in the Dead Sea Scrolls Pesharim / Alex P. Jassen -- Salvation through emulation: facets of Jubilean soteriology at Qumran / Ian Werrett -- Grace, works and destiny: salvation in Qumran's community(1QS/4QS) / Markus Bockmuehl -- Messianic redemption: soteriology in the Targum Jonathan to the former and latter prophets / Bruce D. Chilton -- The restoration of Israel: soteriology in Rabbinic Judaism / Jacob Neusner -- Salvation among the Jews: some comments and observations / George W. E. Nickelsburg.

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