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Daniel R., Zeev & Ruth A.
Was 70 CE a Watershed in Jewish History? On Jews and Judaism Before and After the Destruction of the Second Temple
Brill Academic Publishers
Amazon Review/s. Revised versions of lectures given in January 2009 at a Jerusalem symposium sponsored by Hebrew University's Scholion Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Jewish Studies.
Contents: Was 70 CE a watershed in Jewish history? Three stages of modern scholarship, and a renewed effort / Daniel R. Schwartz -- "Found written in the book of Moses": priests in the era of Torah / Martha Himmelfarb -- The other side of Israelite priesthood: a sociological-anthropological perspective / Gideon Aran -- "A kingdom of priests" : did the Pharisees try to live like priests? / Hanan Birenboim -- Sectarianism before and after 70 CE / Jodi Magness -- Were priests communal leaders in late antique Palestine? The archaeological evidence / Zeev Weiss -- Place beyond place: on artifacts, religious technologies and the mediation of sacred place / Ori Schwarz -- Priests and priesthood in Philo: could he have done without them? / Jutta Leonhardt-Balzer -- Sanctity and the attitude towards the Temple in Hellenistic Judaism / Noah Hacham -- Doing without the Temple: paradigms in Judaic literature of the diaspora / Michael Tuval -- The rising power of the image: on Jewish magic art from the Second Temple period to late antiquity / Naama Vilozny -- Jewish exorcism before and after the destruction of the Second Temple / Gideon Bohak -- The emergence of a new Jewish art in late antiquity / Lee I. Levine -- Legal midrash between Hillel and Rabbi Akiva: did 70 CE make a difference? / Paul Mandel -- Liturgy before and after the Temple's destruction: change or continuity / Esther G. Chazon -- Liturgy, poetry, and the persistence of sacrifice / Michael D. Swartz -- Setting the stage: the effects of Roman conquest and the loss of sovereignty / Nadav Sharon -- Temple and identity in early Christianity and in the Johannine community: reflections on the "parting of the ways" / Jörg Frey -- Religious reactions to 70: the limitations of the evidence / Martin Goodman -- Epilogue: 70 CE after 135 CE: the making of a watershed? / Ruth A. Clements.

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