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Dennis R. & Douglas M.
Religion and Foreign Affairs: Essential Readings
Baylor University Press
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Contents: Religion and the global agenda / Dennis R. Hoover, Douglas M. Johnston -- The meaning of secularism / Charles Taylor -- The desecularization of the world / Peter L. Berger -- The challenge of September 11 to secularism in international relations / Daniel Philpott -- Rethinking the role of religion in changing public spheres / Rosalind I.J. Hackett -- Kicking the secularist habit / David Brooks -- "Melian dialogue" / Thucydides -- The return of ancient times: why the warrior politics of the twenty-first century will demand a pagan ethos / Robert D. Kaplan -- Unrealistic realism / Dennis R. Hoover -- Excerpts from book 19, the City of God / Augustine -- Augustine's political realism / Reinhold Niebuhr -- "Really existing" Scriptures / John A. Rees -- Isaiah's vision of human security: virtue ethics and international politics / Scott M. Thomas -- Of war (four articles), Summa theologia / Thomas Aquinas -- Just war tradition / John Howard Yoder -- Moral clarity in a time of war / George Weigel -- War and statecraft / Rowan Williams, George Weigel -- Torture: a just perspective / James T. Johnson -- The new Jihad and Islamic tradition / John Kelsay -- Terror mandated by God / Mark Juergensmeyer -- The clash of civilizations? / Samuel P. Huntington -- Memo to the state: religion and security / Chris Seiple -- The politics of persecuted religious minorities / Philip Jenjkins -- Religious freedom: good for what ails us? / Brian J. Grim -- How shall we study religion and conflict? / John D. Carlson, Matt Correa -- Religion and global affairs : religious "militants for peace" / R. Scott Appleby -- Faith-based diplomacy / Brian Cox, Daniel Philpott -- Military chaplains / Douglas M. Johnson -- Religion as destroyer and creator of peace / Marc Gopin -- Catholic peacemaking, 1991-2005 / Drew Christiansen -- The potential for peacebulding in Islam / Hisham Soliman -- Jihad vs. McWorld -- Benjamin Barber -- Religion and globalization / James Kurth -- Transnational religious actors and international politics / Jeffrey Haynes -- Transnational religious connections / Robert Wuthnow, Stephen Offut -- European politics gets old-time religion / Timothy A. Byrnes -- Max Weber is alive and well, and living in Guatemala / Peter L. Berger -- Inspiring development in fragile states / Seth Kaplan -- New house rules: Christianity, economics, and planetary living / Sally McFague -- Islam, globalization, and economic performance in the Middle East / Marcus NNoland, Howard Pack -- Development, religion, and women's roles / Katherine Marshall -- Separation of religion and state in the twenty-first century : comparing the Middle East and Western democracies / Jonathan Fox, Shmuel Sandler -- Rethinking religious establishment and liberal democracy: lessons from Israel / Steven V. Mazie -- Christianity and democracy / Robert D. Woodberry, Timothy S. Shah -- The rise of "Muslim democracy" / Vali Snar -- Public theology and democracy's future / Max L. Stackhouse -- Public religion, democracy promotion, and U.S. foreign policy / Thomas F. Farr -- Debating international human rights / Paul A. Brink -- Religious liberty and human dignity: a tale of two declarations / Kevin J. Hasson -- Roman Catholicism and the faith-based movement for global human rights / Allen D. Hertzke -- Patterns and contexts of religious freedom and persecution / Paul Marshall -- Does the human right to freedom of conscience, religion, and belief have special status? / David Little -- Balancing religious freedom and cultural preservation / José Casanova -- Soul wars / John Witte, Jr. -- Religion and international affairs / Barry Rubin -- Faith and diplomacy / Madeleine Albright -- Religion and American foreign policy / Jack Miles -- Methodology, metrics, and moral imperatives in religious freedom diplomacy / Robert A. Seiple.

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