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Eckhard J.
40 Questions About the End Times
Kregel Publications
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Contents: pt. 1. General questions about the future. The future of the world -- The future of the church -- The future of Israel -- pt. 2. The return of Jesus Christ. Events before the return of Jesus -- The return of Jesus -- pt. 3. The millennium and the last judgment. The millennium and the New Jerusalem -- The Day of judgment -- pt. 4. Interpreting the end times.
Note: This author is still a replacement theologian in that, though he rightly holds that there is only one way of salvation, yet he cannot see that God is not finished with Israel, and although the two, Church and Israel in the end are one, ethnic Israel still has a special calling not only to be regrafted into "the People of God" under Messiah Yeshua, but also to be regathered into the land to prepare for His return. Hence he does not attach any importance to the spiritual resurrection of a continuous Jewish remnant whether in the Diaspora for the last 2000 years, or most visibly in our days even in the land. Yet he admits that historically, the Gentiles in the church have much too often failed to fulfill their calling to "provoke the Jews to jealousy" due to arrogance, as prophesied by Paul. Portraying Israel only in its position of being under God's judgment since its first rejection of Messiah, obscures the fact this is theologically meant as a dire warning to the nations who follow in the same path of unbelief, NOT as a necessary condemnation of Israel SO THAT the gentiles might come in. God reserves for Himself the right to act on behalf of Israel in the Diaspora and in the land, to gather for Himself a remnant from among the Jews, in spite of the persecution of the Jews at the hands of the gentiles (even professed Christians). See also his article online: Israel, the People of God, and the Nations.

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