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Gerbern S.
Apocalyptic Interpretation of the Bible: Apocalypticism and Biblical Interpretation in Early Judaism, the Apostle Paul, the Historical Jesus and Their Reception History
T& T Clark Ltd
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Contents: pt. 1. Early Judaism. Prophecy and apocalypticism in Second-Temple Judaism -- Messianic expectations in the Qumran writings: trajectories in their development -- The apocalyptic interpretation of the patriarchs in 4QPatriarchal blessings (4Q252) -- pt. 2. The historical Jesus. 'The coming of the righteous one' in 1 Enoch, Qumran, and the New Testament -- The historical Jesus between early Judaism and early Christianity -- Jesus's prophetic and apocalyptic interpretation of scripture -- pt. 3. The Apostle Paul and the early church. Jesus and his second coming: between Messianism and eschatology -- The christological interpretation of the Bible in the letters of Paul -- Paul and the development of early Christian eschatology -- pt. 4. Reception history. 2 Baruch, the Messiah, and the Bar Kochba revolt -- Back to the future in the early church: the use of the book of Daniel in early patristic eschatology -- The heritage of Jewish apocalypticism in rabbinic and early medieval Judaism.
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