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The Jewish Gospels: The Story of the Jewish Christ
New Press
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Summary: In July 2008 a front-page story in the New York Times reported on the discovery of an ancient Hebrew tablet, dating from before the birth of Jesus, which predicted a Messiah who would rise from the dead after three days. Commenting on this startling discovery at the time, noted Talmud scholar Daniel Boyarin argued that “some Christians will find it shocking—a challenge to the uniqueness of their theology.” Guiding us through a rich tapestry of new discoveries and ancient scriptures, The Jewish Gospels makes the powerful case that our conventional understandings of Jesus and of the origins of Christianity are wrong. In Boyarin’s scrupulously illustrated account, the coming of the Messiah was fully imagined in the ancient Jewish texts. Jesus, moreover, was embraced by many Jews as this person, and his core teachings were not at all a break from Jewish beliefs and teachings. Jesus and his followers, Boyarin shows, were simply Jewish. What came to be known as Christianity came much later, as religious and political leaders sought to impose a new religious orthodoxy that was not present at the time of Jesus’s life.
Note: Why would the ancient expectation of a Jewish Messiah resurrected after 3 days be shocking to Christians or "a challenge to the uniqueness of their theology"? Maybe the Jewish discovery is shocking to some Jews, but not to Christians who have long known Isaiah 53 and Psalm 110. See Prophecies related to Messiah's Death & Resurrection, pt. 1, and Prophecies related to Messiah's Death & Resurrection, pt. 2; also How the Tanach convinced a Jew that Yeshua is the Messiah and why this would be missed by Orthodox Jews, but not Messianic Jews.

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