Oct 17, 2018



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BEKERMAN & Kopelowitz
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Zvi & Ezra, Eds.
Cultural Education - Cultural Sustainability: Minority, Diaspora, Indigenous and Ethno-Religious Groups in Multicultural Societies
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Contents: Muslim school in England and the Netherlands: sustaining cultural continuity / Geoffrey Walford -- The Catch 22 of categorization: Soviet Jews, Caucasus Jews and dilemmas of multiculturalism in Israel / Chen Bram -- Achieving cultural sustainability? The phenomenon of Jewish and Muslim schools in England and Wales / Marie Parker-Jenkins -- Education and cultural sustainability for the minority people in China: challenges in the era of economic reform and globalization / Jing Lin -- Cultural sustainability: an ethnographic case study of a Mongol high school in China / Bing Wang -- The hidden curriculum of assimilation in modern Chinese education: fuelling indigenous Tibetan and Uygur cessation movements / Seonaigh MacPherson, Gulbahar Beckett -- Agents of socialization: the educational agenda of Basque centers in Basque transnational communities / Gloria Totoricagena -- Korean exceptionalism? History, culture, politics, and ethnic relations in Northeast China / Sheena Choi -- Born with gold in your mouth: maintaining identity in Australian Coptic orthodox young adults / Richard Rymarz and Marian de Souza -- Retaining ethnic identity: the Armenians in Bulgaria / Mari Firkatian -- Race and minority schooling in Canada: dealing with questions of equity and access in education / George J. Sefa Dei -- Reversing deculturalization for better or for worse: teaching Hawaiian culture in public schools / Gay Garland-Reed -- The land is the first teacher: the indigenous knowledge instructors' program / Celia Haig-Brown and Kaaren Dannenmann -- Old order Amish private schools: preparing children and preserving community / Karen M. Johnson-Weiner -- Arguments as venues for cultural education: a comparison of epistemic practices at general and religious schools in Israel / Eli Gottlieb -- "Dorks with yarmulkes": an ethnographic inquiry into the surprised embrace of parochial day schools by liberal American Jews / Alex Pomson -- The unintended consequence of liberal Jewish schooling: a comparative study of the teaching of Jewish texts for the purpose of cultural sustainability / Zvi Bekerman and Ezra Kopelowitz -- Singing the stories of diaspora: Jewish identity in Canada / Joi Freed-Garrod -- New worlds, old values: cultural maintenance in Asian Indian women immigrants' narratives / M. Gail Hickey -- Cyberspace and ethnic identities: the creation of virtual communities: the case of Italy / Lucia Clark -- Cultural education and the paradigm of recognition / Plamen Makariev -- Embracing complexity: some concluding remarks / Zvi Bekerman, Ezra Kopelowitz.

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