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Christ at the Checkpoint: Theology in the Service of Justice and Peace
Pickwick Publications
Amazon Review/s and Publisher website. These are the papers presented at the "Christ at the Checkpoint conference held at the Bethlehem Bible College in 2010. The recent meeting (2012) was admittedly hosted and organized entirely by Palestinian evangelicals. The Israeli messianic voice is suppressed if it is too Zionist. How can a just settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict be attained without the clear authentic voice of Israeli Messianics?
Contents: Palestinian Christians in the shadow of Christian Zionism / Alex Awad -- The Holocaust and the evangelical movement: from German pietism to Palestinian Christians / Manfred W. Kohl -- A Palestinian Christian evangelical response to the Holocaust / Sami Awad -- Theology pof the land: from a land of strife to a land of reconciliation / Salim Munayer -- What can Pentecostals and Charismatics do for peace with justice in Israel and Palestine / Paul Alexander -- Strange freedom : existential and social liberation from a Christian perspective / Mae Elise Cannon -- The New Testament and the land / Gary M. Burge -- The land in light of the reconciliation of Christ: a dispensationalist view / Darrell Bock -- The ethical responsibility of the American Church toward Palestinian Christians / Tony Campolo -- Evangelicals, Islam, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict / Colin Chapman -- Peaceful or violent eschatology: a Palestinian Christian reading of the Psalter / Yohanna Katanacho -- Contecxtual Palestinian theology as it deals with realities on the ground / Mitri Raheb -- Where do we go from here? / Jonathan Kuttab.
Note of Caution: Unfortunately, though purporting to be balanced, most of the speakers are motivated by anti-Zionist and anti-Christian Zionist bias and only one speaker was invited to speak for the opposite side. The more recent meeting in 2012 reflected the same bias through both hostility to the Jewish right of return to Israel and a complete silence concerning Palestinian terrorist violence against both Israel and Palestinian Christians. Thus, it serves the 3-D strategy of the devil of: 1) double standard regarding Israel, 2) delegitimization of Israel as a nation 3) demonization of Israel. However, Darrel Bock's 2010 paper, The land in light of the reconciliation of Christ: a dispensationalist view is worth the price of the book.

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