Oct 19, 2018



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Mart de & Jimmy
Following Jesus in a Land of Conflict: An Arab and Jewish Conversation (DVD)
RBC Ministries
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  • pt. 1. Taking Sides. Watch pt. 1 on DOD website
  • pt. 2. Seeking peace. Watch pt. 2 on DOD website
  • pt. 3. Chosen people. Watch pt. 3 on DOD website
  • pt. 4. Israel's future. Watch pt. 4 on DOD website
    Summary: What began thousands of years ago as a promise to the nation of Israel has become a web of conflict between Arab and Jewish residents of the contested land that borders Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and the Mediterranean Sea. What should followers of Christ think about the conflict in the Middle East? Should Christians take sides? Should believers support the peace process? What is the story and role of the chosen people? And what is Israel’s future? In this 4-part Day of Discovery program, you’ll take a journey to the land of the Bible, modern Israel, with host Mart DeHaan for conversations with guests Nizar Touma and Avner Boskey. Join them as they discuss the impact this dispute has on their Arab and Jewish communities and as they address tough questions that arise about the role of followers of Christ in this controversy. Through the wisdom of the Bible and their unique perspectives, discover how following Jesus can bring peace—even to those living in a land of conflict.

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