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David B., ed.
Israel's God and Rebecca's children: Christology and Community in Early Judaism and Christianity
Baylor University Press
Amazon Review/s "Essays in honor of Larry W. Hurtado and Alan F. Segal"
Contents: How we talk about Christology matters / April D. DeConick -- Mandatory retirement : ideas in the study of Christian origins whose time has come to go / Paul Fredriksen -- The "Most High" God and the nature of early Jewish monotheism / Richard Bauckham -- "How on earth did Jesus become a God?": a reply / Adela Yarbro Collins -- Resurrection and Christology : are they related? / Pheme Perkins -- Are early New Testament manuscripts truly abundant? / Eldon Jay Epp -- Prophetic identity and conflict in the historic ministry of Jesus / Maurice Casey -- Pauline exegesis and the incarnate Christ / David B. Capes -- Christophany as a sign of "the end" / Carey C. Newman -- When did the understanding of Jesus' death as an atoning sacrifice first emerge? / James D.G. Dunn -- Discarding the seamless robe: the high priesthood of Jesus in John's Gospel / Helen K. Bond -- Remembering and revelation: the historic and glorified Jesus in the Gospel of John / Larry W. Hurtado -- Jesus : "the one who sees God" / Marianne M. Thompson -- The Lamb (not the man) on the divine throne / Charles A. Gieschen -- The promise of the Spirit of life in the book of Ezekiel / John R. Levison -- Sadducees, Zadokites, and the Wisdom of Ben Sira / Jonathan Klawans -- On the changing significance of the sacred / Rachel Elior -- Vespasian, Nerva, Jesus, and Fiscus Judaicus / Paul Foster -- Paul's religious experience in the eyes of Jewish scholars / Alan F. Segal -- Liturgy and communal identity: Hellenistic synagogal prayer 5 and the character of early Syrian Christianity / Troy A. Miller -- Anger, reconciliation, and friendship in Matthew 5:21-26 / John T. Fitzgerald.

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