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Grant. ... [et al.], ed
A Common Cultural Heritage: Studies on Mesopotamia and the Biblical World
CDL Press
Amazon Review/s "In honor of Barry L. Eichler"
Contents: The king of justice: a reconsideration of the ordeal in BM 456901 / Janice Barrabee -- The prophet as summoner / Shalom E. Holtz -- Death-bed depositions in the Hebrew Bible / Meir Malul -- Ugaritic commercial practices and biblical law / Kevin M. McGeough -- A scandal in Larsa / Martha T. Roth -- The role of the elders in the laws of Deuteronomy / Jeffrey H. Tigay -- The exodus narrative as an expression of the cosmic combat motif / Shawn Zelig Aster -- What is the book of Job about? / Adele Berlin -- "Inana and Ebiḫ" and the scribal tradition / Paul Delnero -- A new look at the theological background of the Mesopotamian and biblical flood stories / Jacob Klein -- Ainn't nothing but a hound dog? : the meaning of the noun klb in Northwest Semitic languages in light of BT Rosh Hashanah 4a / Moshe Simon-Shoshan -- Ḫ>Ḥ in Assyria and Babylonia / Richard C. Steiner -- Tracing the course of the Arrapḫa-Assyria war: a proposal / Maynard P. Maidman -- Images, tradition, and meaning: the Samaria and other levantine ivories of the Iron Age / Claudia E. Suter -- Notes on the Medes and their "empire" from Jer 25:25 to HDT 1.134 / Matthew Waters -- Observations on the festivals and rituals of Dumuzi/Tammuz / Mark E. Cohen -- Marked for servitude: Mesopotamia and the Bible / Nili S. Fox -- Divine causality and Babylonian divination / Francesca Rochberg.

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