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Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism: Proceedings 2010
Online articles
Full-Text online European, South African, North American proceedings.
Three conferences locations: (1) Krakow, Nov 15-18, (2) Cape Town, Oct 15 2010, (3) Atlanta, Georgia, 1-3 Mar 2010.
  • Welcome to Poland / Gustaw Cieslar
  • Introduction to the Conference / Jean-Paul Rempp
  • LCJE Update / Kai Kjær-Hansen
  • Update on the Situation in Israel and Opportunities for Cooperation in Europe/ Knut H. Høyland
  • LCJE at LCWE Cape Town: What did we achieve? / Bodil F. Skjøtt
  • My Testimony / Kazimierz Barczuk
  • The Uniqueness of Christ in Jewish Evangelism in European Post-Holocaust Society / Avi Snyder
  • Some flashlights from France / Jean-Paul Rempp
  • Some Flashlights from Germany: Jewish Outreach / Vladimir Pikman
  • Some Flashlights from Bulgaria / Stanislav Alexiev
  • Some flashlights from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania / Gustav Muszkiet
  • Some flashlights from Hungary / Géza Endreffy
  • Some flashlights from Romania / Florin Suciu
  • Some flashlights from Ukraine / Piotr Borek
  • Post-Holocaust/Shoa Theology / Henri Blocher
  • The problems linked to Jewish Evangelism in the Post-Shoah Polish society / Emanuel Machnicki
  • Reflection on the 2008 Berlin Declaration on the Uniqueness of Christ and Jewish Evangelism in Europe Today / Vladimir Pikman
  • The Berlin Declaration on the Uniqueness of Christ and Jewish Evangelism in Europe Today
  • A non-German, non-Jewish response / Mike Moor
  • Outreach in Israel / Dan Sered
  • My Testimony: A believer’s testimony from European non Eastern countries (Sephardic testimony) / David Zadok
  • Uniqueness of Christ in Jewish Evangelism in Israel / David Zadok
  • Some flashlights of the work done by Jewish mission organizations in Denmark / Bodil F. Skjøtt
  • Some flashlights of the work done by the Jewish mission organizations in Finland / Juha-Pekka Rissanen
  • Norwegian involvement in Jewish mission Possibilities of cooperation in Europe / Rolf G. Heitmann
  • Some flashlights from Bielorussia and Russia / Alexei Shepelev
  • Theological reflections on Anti-Semitism / Henri Blocher
  • Anti-Semitism and its Impact on Jewish Evangelism in Central and Eastern Europe / Avi Snyder
  • Anti-Semitism and Evangelism in Israel / David Zadok
  • Jewish Evangelism among youth in Europe / Johannes Kleppe
  • The youth is the Future / Timothy Rabinek
  • A believers’s testimony from Israel / Michael Zinn
  • Planting Messianic Congregations / Lawrence Hirsch
  • Jewish evangelism in South Africa: Changing strategies for the 21st Century: Current strategies and future challenges / Michael Sischy
  • Is the Church Ephraim / Jack Carstens
  • Orienting the Local Church for Jewish Evangelism / John Atkinson
  • Styles and Methods in Jewish Evangelism / David Zadok
  • Styles and methods in Jewish evangelism Outreach in Israel / Dan Sered
  • LCJE Testimony / Edith Sher
  • The Blessings of LCJE- What We Do / Tuvya Zaretsky
  • Jewish Evangelism in the 21st Century / David Brickner
  • International LCJE Report / by Kai Kjær-Hansen
  • The Scandal of Jewish Evangelism / Kai Kjær-Hansen
  • Remember Jesus: The Son of David / Stuart Dauermann
  • George Gruen: A Father of the Messianic Movement / Abraham Sandler
  • What is the Missing Component? / Amy Downing

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