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Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism: Proceedings 2009
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Three locations: (1) Collaroy (Sydney) NSW, Australia, July 21-24; (2) Lumičres, Provence, France 18-22 May; (3) Phoenix, Arizona, March.
  • Israeli Evangelism. What’s That? / Rahel Landrum
  • Invigorating a Messianic Spirituality. The Holiness of Action / Lawrence Hirsch
  • Learning from the Past. An Earlier Ministry to Jewish People in Australia / Paul Morris
  • “The Jews” in John’s Gospel: Anti Semitism or Culture? / Ashley Crane
  • Tourist Tsores and Tsimes / Barry Buirski
  • Adventures of a Global Traveller / Bob Mendelsohn
  • History of Jewish evangelism in New Zealand / Brian and Vicky Wells
  • What’s happening in New Zealand? / Des Rubie
  • Welcome to the Third LCJE CEO Conference: Jewish Evangelism in France Since 2005 / Jean-Paul Rempp
  • “Le Berger d’Israël” – an “Old Lady” Born in 1936/ Guy Athia
  • We Are Here to ... / Tuvya Zaretsky
  • For God so Loved the World: John and Jonah / Kai Kjćr-Hansen
  • Current Issues in Israel. Theological Issues Within the Messianic Movement / David Zadok
  • Personal Understanding of the Messianic Movement in Israel: 2009 / Herrby Geer
  • The Influences of the Media on Messianic Jewish Identity in Israel / Knut Hoyland
  • Current Issues in North America. A Survey of the Messianic Congregational Movement: The Whys, Hows, and What-nows / Daniel Nessim
  • Alfred Burchartz: a Giant for Jewish Evangelism in Spite of Holocaust / Hartmut Renz
  • Jewish Evangelism in the Shadow of Holocaust / Avi Snyder:
  • Deadly Competition: A Shadow on the Future / Moishe Rosen (presented by David Brickner)
  • Paying Our Bills / Arlie Francis
  • How Do We Survive the Recession? / Hanspeter Obrist
  • Paying Our Bills in a Time of Recession: Fundraising and Donor Development / Rolf G. Heitmann
  • Advancing in a Time of Recession / David Brickner
  • Recruting New and Younger Leaders / Bob Mendelsohn
  • Do We Need to Recruit New – and Younger – Staff? / Bodil F. Skjřtt
  • Programmes for Jewish Studies: What’s Available and What’s Missing? / Jim Sibley
  • Programmes for Jewish Studies: What’s Available and What’s Missing-Appendix? / Jim Sibley
  • Survey of Training Institutions / Jim Sibley
  • Academic Training Resources for Jewish Evangelism: What Else do We Need and What Seem to be Duplicate Programs? / Tuvya Zaretsky
  • Creative Evangelistic Events / Mich Glaser
  • Publishing in Israel / David Zadok
  • Theological issues within the Messianic Movement / David Zadok
  • Case Study: Behold Your God Upper Galilee / Tuvya Zaretsky
  • Jewish Evangelism and Gentile Mission: Are We Where the Jewish People Are? / Rolf G. Heitmann
  • Are We Where the Jews Are? : Power Point / Rolf G. Heirmann
  • Jewish Evangelism and the Majority World / Bodil F. Skjřtt
  • Jewish Evangelism and the State of Israel: Christian Zionism and Jewish Evangelism / David Brickner
  • Media Update / Susan Perlman
  • How Christian is Christian Zionism? / David Brickner
  • Nothing is Going to Get Done Easily / Kai Kjaer-Hansen
  • International LCJE Report 2009 / Kai Kjaer-Hansen
  • Jewish Outreach in Light of the New AntiSemitism / Olivier Melnick
  • Jewish Ministry in the Post Holocaust Era / Galen Peterson
  • Jewish outreach at the Chicago Board of Trade / R. Schwarcz
  • Jewish Ministry Through The Local Church / Murray Tilles
  • Heresy and Heretics: Identification and Response / by Loren Jacobs
  • Encouragement Proclamation of the Gospel to the Jewish People / Barry E. Horner
  • First Thoughts on a Messianic Jewish Theology: A Theology of Sin / Richard A. Robinson

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