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JID12 - Jewishness and Conversions to Judaism in History

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Last Name First Name Title Publisher Year Group
GRUBER Daniel Rabbi Akiba's Messiah: The Origins of Rabbinic Authority Elijah Publishing 1999 JCR3 JID12 MTH GHT1
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MALTZ Steve People of Many Names: Towards a Clearer Understanding of the Miracle of the Jewish People Authentic Lifestyle 2005 MOH3 JID12
LAMM Maurice Becoming a Jew Jonathan David Publishers 1991 JID12
ALBANIS Elisabeth German-Jewish Cultural Identity from 1900 to the Aftermath of the First World War     JID12
BELL Dean Phillip Sacred Communities: Jewish and Christian Identities in Fifteenth Century Germany Brill Academic 2001 JID12
BRETTSCHNEIDER Marla Cornerstones of Peace: Jewish Identity, Politics and Democratic Theory Rutgers University Press 1996 JID12
CHAZAN Robert Fashioning Jewish Identity in Medieval Western Christendom Cambridge University Press 2003 JID12 JCR4
COLLINS John J. Between Athens and Jerusalem: Jewish Identity in the Hellenistic Diaspora Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2nd ed. 1999 JID12 JCR3 MOH3
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DAVIDOWICZ Lucy Jewish Presence: Essays on Identity and History Harcourt, 1st Harvest ed. 1978 JID12
HAYES Christine Elizabeth Gentile Impurities and Jewish Identities: Intermarriage and Conversion from the Bible to the Talmud Oxford University Press 2002 JID12 JCR2
HOMOLKA & JACOB & SEIDEL Jacob, and Walter, and Esther Not Birth Alone: Conversion to Judaism Continuum 1997 JID12
JOHNSON Sara Raup Historical Fictions and Hellenistic Jewish Identity: Third Maccabees in Its Cultural Context University of California Press 2004 JID12
KIRSCH Jonathan The Woman Who Laughed at God: The Untold History of the Jewish People Viking Press 2001 JID12
MEYER Michael A. Jewish Identity in the Modern World University of Washington Press 1990 JID12
NIEHOFF Maren R. Philo on Jewish Identity and Culture Coronet Books (Texts and Studies in Ancient Judaism, 86) 2001 JID12
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ROZEN Minna Jewish Identity and Society in the Seventeenth Century: Reflections on the life and work of Refael Mordekhai Malki J.C.B. Mohr 1992 JID12
SELENGUT Charles, ed. Jewis Identity in the Post-Modern Age: Scolarly and Personal Reflections Paragon House 1999 JID12
STERN Sacha Jewish Identity in Early Rabbinic Writings Brill Academic (Arbeiten zur Geschichte des Alten Judentums und des Urchristentums) 1997 JID12
TAYLOR Miriam S. Anti-Judaism and Early Christian Identity: A Critique of the Scholarly Consensus Leiden; New York: E.J. Brill 1995 ANT1 JID12 JCR3
EICHHORN David Max, ed. Conversion to Judaism: A History and Analysis Ktav Publishing House 1965 JCR2 JID12
KEDOURIE Elie The Jewish World: Revelation, Prophecy, and History Thames & Hudson, new ed. 2003 MOH3 JID12
MENDES-FLOHR & REINHARZ Paul & Jehuda The Jew in the Modern World: A Documentary History Oxford University Press, 2nd ed. 1995 JID12 JCR4 MOH5
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DIMONT Max I. Jews, God, and History Signet Classics, 2nd ed. 2004 MOH3 JID12
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BEN-SASSON Haim, H., ed. A History of the Jewish People Harvard University Press 1985 MOH3 JID12
Amazon Review/s (1232 p.)
Diamant Anita Choosing a Jewish Life: A Handbook for People Converting to Judaism and for Their Family and Friends Schocken 1998 JID9 JID12
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JONES E. Michael The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact on World History Fidelity Press 2008 MOH3 JID12
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LAZIER Benjamin God Interrupted: Heresy and the European Imagination between the World Wars Princeton University Press 2008 JCR5 JID12
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PORTON Gary G. The Stranger within Your Gates: Converts and Conversion in Rabbinic Literature University Of Chicago Press 1994 JID12 JCR2
Amazon Review/s
PORTON Gary G. Goyim: Gentiles and Israelites in Mishnah-Tosefta Brown Judaic Studies 1988 JID12
BRUNELL Shlomo Ben Avraham Strangers No More: One Family's Exceptional Journey from Christianity to Judaism Gefen Publishing House 2005 JID12
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EPSTEIN Lawrence J. Conversion to Judaism: A Guidebook Jason Aronson 1994 JID12
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ANGEL Marc D. Choosing to Be Jewish: The Orthodox Road to Conversion Ktav Publishing House 2005 JID9 JID12
BIRD Michael F. Crossing over Sea and Land: Jewish Missionary Activity in the Second Temple Period Hendrickson Publishers 20010 JID12
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JACOB & ZEMER Walter & Moshe, eds. Conversion to Judaism in Jewish Law: Essays and Responsa Freehof Institute of Progressive Halakhah; Rodef Shalom Press 1994 JID9 JID12
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BERKOWITZ & MOSKOVITZ Alan L & Patti Embracing the Covenant: Converts to Judaism Talk About Why & How Jewish Lights Publishing 1996 JID9 JID12
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GOODMAN Martin Mission and Conversion: Proselytizing in the Religious History of the Roman Empire Oxford University Press 1996 JID12
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MATTHEWS Shelly First Converts: Rich Pagan Women and the Rhetoric of Mission in Early Judaism and Christianity Stanford University Press 2001 JID12
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EPSTEIN Lawrence J. Questions and Answers on Conversion to Judaism Jason Aronson 1998 JID12
Amazon Review/s
BAMBERGER Bernard J. Proselytism in the Talmudic Period Ktav Publishing House, Reprint of Hebrew Union College 1939 ed. 1968 JID12
Jewish Quarterly Review and Amazon
WILL & ORRIEUX Edouard & Claude Proselytisme juif? Histoire d'une erreur Les Belles Lettres 1992 JID12
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ROSENBLOOM Joseph R. Conversion to Judaism: From the Biblical Period to the Present Hebrew Union College Press 1978 JID12
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COHEN Shaye J.D. The Beginnings of Jewishness: Boundaries, Varieties, Uncertainties University of California Press 1999 JID12
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BIRNBAUM Ellen The Place of Judaism in Philo's Thought: Israel, Jews, and Proselytes Scholars Press 1996 JID12 JID14
SATLOW Michael L. Jewish Marriage in Antiquity Princeton University Press 2001 JID2 JID12
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ECKHARDT Benedikt, ed. Jewish Identity and Politics between the Maccabees and Bar Kokhba Brill Academic Publishers 2012 JID12
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HAYES Christine E. Gentile Impurities and Jewish Identities: Intermarriage and Conversion from the Bible to the Talmud Oxford University Press 2002 JCR2 JID8 JID12
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