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GUERS E. Israël aux derniers jours de l'économie actuelle, ou, Essai sur la restauration prochaine de ce peuple: suivi d'un fragment sur le millénarisme Genève: E. Beroud; Paris: Grassart 1856 RJI4
PETAVEL A. F. Israël, peuple de l'avenir Unknown Binding 1861 RJI4
TOLLET Daniel, ed. Les Textes Judéophobes et Judéophiles dans l'Europe Chrétienne à l'Epoque Moderne Presses Universitaires de France 2000 ANT1 JCR1 RJI4
'''Contents''' at Amazon
SCHWARZ & STADELMANN Berthold & Helge Christen, Juden und die Zukunft Israels Peter Lang 2009 AIC5 RJI4 JCR1
WOLFF Katherine Elena "Geh in das Land, das ich Dir zeigen werde...": das Land Israel in der frühen rabbinischen Tradition und im Neuen Testament Peter Lang 1989 RJI2 AIC3 RJI4
"An English Israelite"   A Letter to the Parisian Sanhedrin: Containing Reflections on their Recent Proceedings, and on their Venal Apostacy from the Mosaic Institutes, with Observations on the Conduct of Buonaparte, Relative to his Projected Subversion, and Final Extermination of the Religion of Judaism in France London: ? 1808 RJI4
DOYLE Tom Two Nations under God: Why You Should Care about Israel B&H Books, Rev. Upd. ed. 2008 PRO3 RJI4 AIC5
Also available as Audiobook on CD; Amazon Review/s
[REID William Hamilton] Sanhedrin Chadasha and Causes and Consequences of the French Emperor's Conduct Toward the Jews London 1807 RJI4
Author: "An Advocate for the House of Israel"
ADAMS Richard Newton The Jewish Missionary: a New and Literal Interpretation of the Visions of Daniel, the Prophecy of Christ on the Mount of Olives, the Book of Revelation and other Prophecies, with Reference to the Restoration of the Jews, and the Reign of the Idol Messiah London: James Nisbett & Co. 1849 RJI4
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ANONYMOUS   The Kingdom and the Restoration, or, A Scriptural View of the Second Coming of Christ: with the Wonderful Signs will that precede it, and the Still More Wonderful Things that will Follow it London: Elliot Stock 1882 RJI4
"by a student of prophecy"
BAER Y.F. "Israel, the Christian Church, and the Roman Empire" Magnes Press, Jerusalem 1961 RJI4
in Scripta Hierosolymitana, Vol. VII, Studies in History
BALL Bryan W. A Great Expectation:Eschatological Thoughts in English Protestantism to 1660 Leiden: E.J. Brill 1975 RJI4
BEGG James A. A Connected View of Some of the Scriptural Evidence of the Redeemer's Speedy Personal Return, and Reign on Earth with his Glorified Saints, during the Millennium: Israel's Restoration to Palestine, and the Destruction of Antichristian Nations: with Remarks on Various Authors who Oppose these Doctrines London: James Nisbet 1831 RJI4
3rd. ed., enlarged
BICHENO James The Restoration of the Jews, the Crisis of All Nations: To Which is now prefixed a History of the Jews from their First Dispersion to the Calling of their Grand Sanhedrin at Paris, October 6th, 1806 London: Bye and Law. 2nd ed. 1807 RJI4
Also includes: An Address on the Present State of Affairs, in Europe in General, and in this Country in particular
BICHENO James The Restoration of the Jews, the Crisis of All Nations, or, Or, an Arrangement of the Scripture Prophecies, which Relate to the Restoration of the Jews Bye and Law 1800 RJI4
BICKERSTETH Edward The Restoration of the Jews to Their Own Land: In Connection with Their Future Conversion and the Final Blessedness of Our Earth Unknown Binding. Reprint of 1830 ed. 2007 RJI4
Amazon UK
BLACKSTONE William E. Palestine for the Jews: Unknown Binding 1891 RJI4
Copy of a Memorial Presented to President Harrison in 189 (23 p.)
BONAR Horatius Judeo-Centric Premillenialism: Concerning Christ's Premillennial Advent (e-book) Bunyan Ministries 2004? RJI4 PRO10 JCR1 PRO3
Reprint of Prophetical Landmarks, 5th ed (London: James Nisbet, 1876)
BRADSHAW Alex The Trumpet Voice: Modus operandi in Political, Social and Moral Forecast Concerning the East Unknown (Original from Oxford University digitized by Google 2007) 1884 RJI4
Read it here
BRIGHTMAN Thomas Apocalypsis Apocalypseos Unknown Binding 1609 RJI4
BROOKS Keith L. The Jews and the Passion for Palestine in the Light of Prophecy Los Angeles: American Prophetic League, Inc. 1937 RJI4
(Zondervan Publishing House)
BROTHERS Richard A Revealed Knowledge of the Prophecies and Times: ... Containing, with Other Great and Remarkable Things, ... the Restoration of the Hebrews to Jerusalem, by the Year of 1798 ... London: ? 1795 PRO4 RJI4
BROTSKY Edward Daniel The Role of Gentile Christians in the Rebirth of the State of Israel Interview by Makvern Jacobs 1995 RJI4
See here
BROWN Charlotte Judah's Lion Seeley, Burnside, and Seeley; 3rd ed. 1847 RJI4
Amazon UK
BROWN David Restoration of the Jews BiblioBazaar. Reprint of 1861 ed. 2008 RJI4
Preview here and purchase there
BROWNING Robert Holy Cross Day (A Poem) Online document 1855 RJI4 ANT1
Read it here
BRUYNEEL Sally Margaret Fell and the End of Time: The Theology of the Mother of Quakerism Baylor University Press 2010 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
BRYAN Steven M. Jesus and Israel's Traditions of Judgment and Restoration Cambridge UK; New York: Cambridge Univ. Press 2002 RJI4
See Extended comments here
BUSH George (1796-1859) The Valley of Vision, or, The Dry Bones of Israel Revived: an Attempted Proof from Ezekiel, Chap. XXXVII. 1-14 of the Restoration and Conversion of the Jews New York: Saxton & Miles 1844 RJI4
Text in English, Greek, Hebrew and Latin; commentary in English.
CACHEMAILLE & SCHOR E.P.(Ernest Peter), and Samuel Palestine and the Restoration of Israel: Ezekiel XXXVI-XLVIII London: Chas. J. Thynne & Jarvis 1923 RJI4
"Prophecy Investigation Society's Meetings, November 15th, 1923." Series: Aids to prophetic study; no. 26.
CAZALET Edward Address on the Eastern Question. Edward Stanford (Pamphlet 42 p.) 1878 RJI4
Read about it in Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, Number 26 here
CHALMERS Thomas M. Israel in Covenant and History New York: Thomas M. Chalmers, 2nd ed. 1926 RJI4 MOH3 MOH5
See Table of contents here
CHURCH OF ENGLAND   Israel's Sins, and Israel's Hopes: Being Lectures Delivered During LENT, 1846, at St.George's, Bloombury by twelve Clergymen of the Church of England London: James Nisbett & Co. 1846 RJI4
See Extended comments here
CHURCH OF ENGLAND   The Destiny of the Jews and Their Connexion with the Gentile Nations: viewed practically in a Course of Lectures delivered at St.Bride's Church, Liverpool, by several Clergymen of the Church of England London: John Hatchard and Son 1841 RJI4
See Extended comments here
CONWAY John S. "The Founding of the State of Israel and the Response of the Christian Churches" Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, Volume 12:2, 459-467 1999 JCR6 RJI4
COOPER David L. Why God's Interest is in the Jew Los Angeles, CA: Biblical Research Society 1941 RJI4
COOPER David L. Preparing for the world-wide revival Los Angeles, CA: Biblical Research Society 1938 JCR7 MOH4 RJI4
See Extended comments here
COX Samuel Hanson The Bright and the Blessed Destination of the World: a Discourse delivered at Pittfield, Mass. on the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 11, 1849, before the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions New York: John F. Trow, printer 1849 RJI4
CROMBIE Kelvin For the Love of Zion: Christian Witness and the Restoration of Israel Hodder & Stoughton 1991 AIC4 REM RJI4
CULVER Douglas Albion and Ariel: British Puritanism and the Birth of Political Zionism New York: Peter Lang 1995 AIC4 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
DARBY J.N. The Hopes of the Church of God: in Connection with the Destiny of the Jews and the Nations as Revealed in Prophecy London: G. Morrish 1840 RJI4
New ed. rev., 166p. Eleven Lectures delivered in Geneva, translated from Attente actuelle de l'église de Dieu.
DARMS Anton The Jew returns to Israel Grand Rapids, MI : Zondervan 1965 RJI4
DARMS Anton The Jew Returns to Israel Zondervan Pub. House 1965 RJI4
DAVIES W. D. The Territorial Dimension of Judaism Fortress Press 1992 AIC3 RJI2 RJI4 RJI5
Amazon Review/s
DAVIES William David The Gospel and the Land: Early Christianity and Jewish Territorial Doctrine University of California Press, Berkeley 1974 RJI4
Amazon; See Review by H. D. Betz in History of Religions, v. 19, No. 3, Feb 1980 in Extended comments here
DAVIS George T.B. Seeing Prophecy Fulfilled in Palestine Philadelphia: The Million Testaments Campaign 1937 RJI4
DAVIS George T.B. Israel returns Home according to Prophecy Philadelphia: The Million Testaments Campaign 1950 RJI4
DAWKINS A. The Final Outcome of the Jew and the Duty of Christians A. Dawkins, Rev. ed. 1940 RJI4
DE HAAN M. R. God's Miracle Nation: A Review of some of the Bible Prophecies concerning the miraculous preservation of Israel, with Emphasis on their Recent Return to Palestine: four Radio Sermons Grand Rapids, MI: Radio Bible Class 1960? RJI4
DE HAAN M.R. The Budding Fig Tree: the Re-establishment of the Nation of Israel in Palestine viewed in the Light of Prophecy: five Radio Sermons Grand Rapids, MI: Radio Bible Class 1955 RJI4
DE HAAN M.R. The Jew and Palestine in Prophecy Grand Rapids, MI : Zondervan 1950 RJI4
DEWAAY Bob Hope of Israel: Exposition of Romans 11 (CD) Twin City Fellowship 200? JCR1 RJI4
Has the church replaced Israel? Does Israel belong in the land?
DRAXE Thomas The Calling of the Jews Unknown Binding 1608 RJI4
DU TOIT C.W.M. Israel die bondsvolk: Dr. Aalders en die staat Israel: 'N gevaarlike rigting in die gereformeerde teologie: die slenersblik en projeksie-geskrifte: ontwaking in die kerke oor Israel Frankfort, O.V.S., (South Africa): C.J. Van Rensburg 1951? RJI4
EHLE Carl F. Prolegomena to Christian Zionism in America: the Views of Increase Mather and William E. Blackstone concerning the Doctrine of the Restoration of Israel Thesis (Ph.D.) - New York University 1977 AIC5 RJI4 AIC8
ELIOT George Daniel Deronda Estes and Lauriat 1876 RJI4
Read the 1894 ed. here
EPP Theodore God's program for Israel Lincoln, NE: Back to the Bible Publishers 1970 RJI4 JCR6
Older edition here
ETTINGER S. "The Beginnings of Change in the Attitude of European Society towards the Jews" In: Scripta Hierosolymitana, Vol. VII, Magnes Press Jerusalem 1961 RJI4
EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN DECLARATION   "Evangelical Christian Declaration of Support for Israel and the American Jewish Community" Adopted at a Conference held in Washington, D.C. Nov.11, 1982 RJI4
EVANS Robert L. The Jew in the Plan of God New York, Loizeaux Bros., 1st ed. 1950 RJI4
EYRE Joseph Observations Upon the Prophecies Relating to the Restoration of the Jews Unknown Binding 1771 RJI4
FABER G. S. A supplement to the Dissertation on the 1260 years: Containing a full reply to the objections and misrepresentations of the Rev. E.W. Whitaker Printed by Christopher and Jennett, for F.C. and J. Rivington, London 1806 RJI4
Amazon UK
FABER George Stanley A General and Connected View of the Prophecies, Relative to the Conversion, Restoration, Union, and Future Glory of the Houses of Judah and Israel; The Progress, and Final Overthrow, of the Antichristian Confederacy in the Land of Palestine; and the Ultimate General Diffusion of Christianity London: Printed for F.C. & J. Rivington 1808 RJI4
2 vols.
FABER George Stanley Dissertation on the Prophecies that have been Fulfilled, are now Fulfilling, or will hereafter be Fulfilled, Relative to the Great Period of 1260 Years : The Papal and Mohammedan Apostasies, the Tyrannical Reign of Antichrist, or the Infidel Power, and the Restoration of the Jews London: 1807 RJI4 PRO10 PRO5
2 vols.
FAIRBAIRN Patrick The Prophetic Prospects of the Jews, or, Fairbairn vs. Fairbairn Grand Rapids, Eerdmans 1930 RJI4
with Introd. by Albertus Pieters. Two articles, the 1st originally published in 1840 as the author's contribution to Lectures on the Jews, and a 2nd published in 1864 as part of his Fairbairn on Prophecy
FINCH Sir Henry The World's Great Restauration, or, The Calling of the Jewes and with them All the Nations and Kingdomes, to the Faith of Christ Unknown Binding 1621 RJI4
FULLER Michael E. The Restoration Of Israel: Israel's Re-gathering And The Fate Of The Nations in Early Jewish Literature And Luke-Acts Berlin; New York: Walter de Gruyter 2006 RJI4
GAEBELEIN Arno Clemens Hath God Cast Away His People? New York: Gospel Publishing House; Toronto: Upper Canada Tract Society 1905 RJI4
See Extended comments here
GAUSSEN Samuel Geneva and Jerusalem. The Gospel at Length Preached to the Jews and their Restoration at Hand London: W. H. Dalton 1844 RJI4
Read or download here
GAWLET George Tranquilization of Syria and the East Unknown Binding 1845 RJI4
GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND   Memorandum to the Present Monarchs of Europe Unknown Binding 1839 RJI4
GOTTIER Richard F. Aliyah - God's last Great Act of Redemption Sovereign World 2002 PRO2 PRO3 MTH RJI3 RJI4
GRANBERG-MICHAELSON Wesley "The Evangelical Right and Israel: What Place for the Arabs?" In: ADC Issues, No. 8   RJI4
HECKLER William The Restoration of the Jews Unknown Binding 1882 RJI4
HOLLINGSWORTH Arthur George Harpur Remarks upon the Present Conditions and the Future of the Jews in Palestine Unknown Binding 1852 RJI4
Amazon UK
HORNER Barry E. Judeo-Centric Eschatology: An Ethical Challenge to Reformed Eschatology (e-book) Bunyan Ministries 2004 PRO3 PRO10 JCR1 RJI4
Full Text Online Version (Click on articles & Books and find title)
HOUSE H. Wayne The Future of National Israel Dallas Theological Seminary 2009 RJI4
Download PDF here.
HULL William L. The Fall and Rise of Israel Grand Rapids, MI : Zondervan 1949 RJI4
HULSE Erroll The Restoration of Israel Worthing, Walter 1968 RJI4
ICE Thomas The Case for Zionism New Leaf Press 2005 AIC5 RJI4 ANT3
Amazon Review/s
JOHNSTONE William Henry Israel in the World, or, the Mission of the Hebrews to the Great Unknown Binding 1854 RJI4 MOH5
KAC Arthur W. The Rebirth of the State of Israel: Is it of God or of Men? Chicago : Moody Press 1958 RJI4
KAC Arthur W. The Death and Resurrection of Israel: a Message of Hope for a Time of Trouble Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House 1976 RJI4
Rev. ed.
KATZ David S. Philo-semitism and the Readmission of the Jews to England, 1603-1655 Oxford University Press 1982 RJI4 JCR4
KEITH Alex The Land of Israel: According to the Covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob Harper & Bros 1844 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
KENNY Anthony J. Catholics, Jews and the State of Israel: Studies in Judaism and Christianity New York: Paulist Press 1993 JCR6 RJI4
KETT Francis The Glorious and Beautiful Garland Containing the Godly Mysteries of Heavenly Jerusalem: dedicated to Queen Elizabeth Unknown Binding 1585 RJI4
KIESER Hans-Lukas Nearest East: American Millenialism and Mission to the Middle East Temple University Press 2010 AIC3 AIC8 RJI4 JCR5
Amazon Review/s
KING Edward Remarks on the Signs of the Times James Humphreys, 2nd ed. 1800 PRO4 RJI4
KIRWAN F.D. ed. Transactions of the Paris Sanhedrin, or Acts of the Assembly of Israelitish Deputies from France and Italy, Convoked at Paris by Imperial and Royal Decree, May 30, 1806 London: M. Diogene Tama 1807 RJI4
KOBLER Franz The Vision was There London 1956 RJI4
KOPP John Winslow The Certainty of Israel's Restoration Diss. note: Thesis (Th.M.), D.T.S. and Graduate School of Theology 1941 RJI4
KREUTZ Andrej Vatican Policy on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: The Struggle for the Holy Land Greenwood Publishing Group 1990 JCR6 RJI4
LA PEYRERE Isaac Du Rappel des Juifs Unknown Binding 1640 RJI4
LA PEYRERE Isaac Appeal to Louis XIII Unknown Binding 1628 RJI4
LAHARANNE Ernest La Nouvelle Question d'Orient: Reconstruction de la Nationalité Juive. Unknown Binding 1860 RJI4
Private Secretary to Napoleon III
LANGSTON & PANTON E.L.(Earle Legh), and D.M. The Great Apostasy London: Chas. J. Thynne & Jarvis 1923 RJI4
"Prophecy Investigation Society's Meetings, November 15th, 1923." Series: Aids to prophetic study; no. 26.
LANIER Chandler Can These Bones Live: An Eye Witness Account of Spiritual Renewal in Israel Mc Dougal Publishing Company 2000 PRO5 RJI4 MOH3
Amazon Review/s
LARONDELLE Hans K.L. The Restoration of Israel in Promise and Fulfillment Portland, OR: Theological Research Exchange Network 1987 RJI4
Microfiche. ETS-1096
LARONDELLE Hans K.L. The Israel of God in Prophecy: Principles of Prophetic Interpretation Berrien Springs, MI: Andrews University Press 1983 RJI4
Andrews University monographs. Studies in religion: v.13. SDA anti-dispensationalist, typological interpretation. Amazon review
LARSEN David L. Jews, Gentiles, and the Church: a new Perspective on History and Prophecy Grand Rapids, MI: Discovery House 1995 RJI4
See Extended comments here
LEWIS Donal M. The Origins of Christian Zionism: Lord Shaftesbury and Evangelical Support for a Jewish Homeland Cambridge University Press 2009 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
LEWIS Seth The Restoration of the Jews, with the Political Destiny of the Nations of the Earth, as Foretold in the Prophecies of Scripture; with a Biographical Sketch of the Author New York, J.S. Redfield 1851 RJI4
LINDBERG Milton B. The State of Israel and the Jews Today in the Light of Prophecy Chicago: American Messianic Fellowship, 20th ed. 1968 (1933) RJI4
Previous ed.: Palestine Today in the Light of Prophecy, 1930
LINDBERG Milton B. Palestine Today in the Light of Prophecy St. Paul, Minn.: M. Lindberg 1930? RJI4
LINDSAY Alexander William Crawford Letters on Egypt, Edom and the Holy Land Kessinger Publishing. Reprint of 1838 two-vol. ed. in 1 vol. 2004 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
LOWRY Cecil J. Whither Israel? Oakland, Calif. 1955 RJI4
Order from Tabernacle Book Room
LUCAS W.W. The Story of Israel Throughout the Bible: Leading up to the Jewsih Question of Today London: Marshall, Morgan & Scott 1946 RJI4
MACCAUL Al New Testament Evidence that the Jews Are to be Restored to their Own Land Unknown Binding 1830 RJI4 JCR5
MacDONALD John Isaiah's Message to the American Nation: A new Translation of Isaiah, ch. XVIII: with notes critical and explanatory, a remarkable Prophecy, respecting the restoration of the Jews, aided by the American nation: with an universal summons to the Battle of Armageddon, and a description of that solemn scene Philadelphia: published by Anthony Finley 1824 RJI4 AIC8 PRO8
MACNEILE Hugh Prospects of the Jews: A Series of Popular Lectures on the Prophecies Relative to the Jewish Nation Kessinger Publishing. Reprint of 1840 ed. 2008 RJI4
Amazon UK
MARTEN Michael Attempting to Bring the Gospel Home: Scottish Missions to Palestine, 1839-1917 Tauris Academic Studies 2005 RJI4 JCR5
Amazon Review/s
MATON Robert Israels Redemption or the Prophetical History of our Saviours Kingdome on earth: that is, of the church catholicke, and triumphant; with a discourse of Gog and Magog, or the battle of the great day of God almightie London: Printed for Daniel Frere 1642 RJI4
MATON Robert Israel's redemption redeemed, or, The Jewes generall and miraculous conversion to the faith of the Gospel, and returne into their owne land: and our Saviours personall reigne on Earth, cleerly proved out of many plaine prophecies of the Old and New Testaments ...: of purpose to satisfie all gainsayers, and in particular Mr Alexander Petrie, Minister of the Scottish Church in Roterdam London: Printed by Matthew Simmons, sold by George Whittington 1646 RJI4
MAURO Philip The Hope of Israel, what is it? Swengel, PA: Reiner 1970 RJI4
McCHEYNE & BONAR Robert Murray & Andrew Mission of Discovery: The Beginnings of Modern Jewish Evangelism Christian Focus 1996 JCR5 MOH4 RJI4
Reprint and Amazon and Review
MCNEILE Hugh Lectures on the Prophecies relative to the Jewish Nation. Liverpool: E. Howell 1866 RJI4
New ed. Previously published unter title: Prospects of the Jews. Microfiche, 1993. ATLA # 1992-0959
MCNEILE Hugh The Prophecies relative to the Jewish nation London: Christian Book Society 1878 RJI4
Theological Library, v. 2
MEDE Joseph A Translation Of Mede's Clavis Apocalyptica Kessinger Publishing. Translation of 1629 ed. 2007 RJI4
MERKLEY Paul Charles The Politics of Christian Zionism 1891-1948 Routledge 1998 AIC5 JCR5 RJI4
MERKLEY Paul Charles Christian Attitudes Towards the State of Israel McGill-Queen's University Press 2007 AIC7 JCR6 ANT3 RJI4 RJI 5
MIRACLE OF THE JEWS   A Powerpoint Presentation lists Historical Famous Quotes on the Subject online here   RJI4
See Extended comments here
MOLINEUX Capel Israel's Future: Lectures delivered in the Lock Chapel, in Lent, 1852 London: James Nisbet 1860 RJI4
6th ed.,Microfiche. Evanston: American Theological Library Association, 1991. ATLA # 1989-1935
MORALES Rodrigo J. The Spirit and the Restoration of Israel: New Exodus and New Creation Motifs in Galatians Mohr Siebeck 2010 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
MORRIS John T. The Jews under Persecution: Where will they go? Berne, IN: Economy Printing Concern 1938 RJI4
MOUNT R.H. A Land born in a Day; or, Irrefutable Proof that the Holy Bible is the Inspired Word of God and offers the only Way to Eternal Life Mansfield, OH: Mount Publications 1964 RJI4
1st ed.
MURRAY Ian H. The Puritan Hope: Revival and the Interpretation of Prophecy Edinburgh: Banner of Truth 1971 PRO3 RJI4
MUSOLINO Benedetto Gerusalemme e il Popolo Ebreo Unpublished. [actually, it was published in 1951 in Italian, and at the University of Jerusalem, Archive of the family Artom, there is a manuscript with a translation in Hebrew] ("The Maccabæan," 1905, p. 225). 1854 RJI4
He was the first Christian who proposed the Jewish State in Eretz and the Hebrew as its national language (before Herzl ever did). He was active in "The Sons of New Italy" underground movement, and in 1848 was elected to the new parliament of the Kingdom of Naples. He was active in the declaration of Calabria as a new republic. He was influenced by the prevailing nationalist ideas which claim the right of all people for self-determination.
NEIL James Palestine Re-Peopled, or, Scattered Israel's Gathering: A Sign of the Times London: James Nisbet 1876 AIC3 RJI4
Read or download here or purchase there
NEWMAN Carey C. Jesus & the Restoration of Israel: A Critical Assessment of N.T. Wright's Jesus and the Victory of God InterVarsity Press 1999 MOH2 RJI4
See Extended comments here
NUGEE George England and the Jews : Their Destiny and Duty William Ridgway 1881 RJI4
Read about it in Publications of the American Jewish Historical Society, Number 26 here
OLIPHANT Laurence The Land of Gilead: With Excursions in the Lebanon D. Appleton and Company 1881 RJI4
Read it here
OLIPHANT Laurence "The Jews and the Eastern Question" in The Nineteenth Century: A Monthly Review, v. 12 (ed. by James Knowles) London: Kegan, Paul, Trench & Co. 1882 RJI4
Read it here
PATE C. Marvin, ed. The Story of Israel: A Biblical Theology InterVarsity Press 2004 RJI4, JCR1
PETRIE Arthur The Regathering of Israel New York, American Board of Missions to the Jews 1966 RJI4
PIJS   When Israel Was in the Pulpit: Mishkan 67 Paasche Institute of Jewish Studies 2011 MTH JCR7 RJI4 RJI5
Mishkan store
POPKIN Richard H. Isaac La Peyrère (1596-1676): His Life, Work and Influence Brill Academic Publishers 1987 PRO10 RJI4 JCR5
Preview here
PRATT Tom "Falwell: Israel Needs U.S. Support" In: Tyler Courier Times Sunday Telegraph Feb. 6, 1983 RJI4
Tyler Courier Times Sunday Telegraph, Vol. 105, No. 136, Tyler, Texas.
PRESCOT Bartholomew Some Information Relative to the Present and Increasing Distress of Nations: And the Immediate Restoration of the Hebrews of All Sects and Denominations, ... to Their Own Land: Addressed to the Public J. Lang 1800 RJI4
Amazon UK
PRIESTLEY Joseph Letter to the Jews Inviting them to an Amicable Discussion of the Evidences of Christianity (1794) Kessinger Publishing 2003 JCR5 RJI4
Originally published 1787. Preview here
PRINCE Derek The Destiny of Israel and the Church Reading (UK): Word 1992 RJI4 PRO3
Amazon UK
RAINE Rosa The Restoration of the Jews and the Duties of English Churchmen London 1860 REM RJI4
RIGGANS Walter Israel and Zionism Handsel 1988 AIC5 RJI4
RUBINSTEIN William D. & Hilary L. Philosemitism: Admiration and Support for Jews in the English-speaking World, 1840-1939 Palgrave Macmillan 1999 JCR5 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
SAN DONNINO Gerard of Borgo Introductorium in Evangelium Aeternum Unknown Binding 1254 PRO10 RJI4
SHAFTESBURY Lord State and Prospects of the Jews Unknown Binding 1839 RJI4
SMITH Calvin L., ed. The Jews, Modern Israel and the New Supersessionism King's Divinity Press - Kindle edition 2013 RJI4 JCR1 SHR AIC5 ANT5 ANT3 MTH1
Amazon Review/s
SWANSON Dennis M. Charles H. Spurgeon and the Nation of Israel: a non-dispensational perspective on a literal national restoration ETS-5211 fiche 2000 RJI4 JCR
See Extended comments here
THOMAS John Elpis Israel: An Exposition of the Kingdom of God The Christadelphian. 14th ed. First published 1849; ed. & rev. 1949 1990 RJI4
Read it online here or purchase a copy from Amazon
TURNER Kenneth J. The Death of Deaths in the Death of Israel: Deuteronomy's Theology of Exile Wipf & Stock Publishers 2011 RJI4 AIC3 MOH3 PRO3
Amazon Review/s
UNGER Merrill Frederick Great Neglected Bible Prophecies Chicago: Scripture Press 1955 PRO3 RJI4
VERETE Mayir "The Restoration of the Jews in English Protestant Thought 1790-1840," Middle Eastern Studies, 8.1 January issue 1972 RJI4
WALKER B. The Future of Palestine as a Problem of International Policy General Books 2009 RJI4 AIC3
Reprint of the London 1881 edition
WHEATCROFT Geoffrey The Controversy of Zion: Jewish Nationalism, the Jewish State, and the Unresolved Jewish Dilemma Perseus Books 1997 AIC4 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
WHITE Alma Restoration of Israel: The Hope of the World BiblioBazaar 2009 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
WILKEN Robert L. The Land Called Holy: Palestine in Christian History and Thought Yale University Press 2009 PRO3 AIC3 RJI4
Amazon Review/s
WILKINSON Paul For Zion's Sake: Christian Zionism and the Role of John Nelson Darby Wipf & Stock Publishers 2008 AIC5 RJI4 AIC8
Amazon Review/s
WITHERBY Thomas To the Jew's Distinguished Nation Unknown Binding 1800 RJI4 JCR1
WITHERBY Thomas An Attempt to Remove Prejudices Concerning the Jewish Nation Unknown Binding 1803 RJI4
Amazon UK Reviews
WITHERBY Thomas A Vindication of the Jews Unknown Binding 1809 RJI4 JCR1

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