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Concordance: IV.B.3. Israel's identity

Christians by faith are Abraham's children but they still remain Gentiles (cf. VII B.1)

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Gal 3:6-9 (Verse 7: "Even those physically descended from him - that is, Jews - are not truly his children , in the sense of being eligible to receive what God promised them, if they lack trust []." D. Stern, JNTC 1992)
Rom 9:6

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that all people are equal8. No devil to blame seicnce on. Just a regular angel.9. Anyone can talk to God any time.10. A virgin birth makes no sense and will never happen.Christianity:1. Believes in a hell to hold over people's heads2. Believes Jesus was the messiah3. Missionaries4. Believes that only Christians go to heaven5. Everyone is born impure, a sinner.6. God is divided into 3 parts.7. Says that Jesus was God's son above others8. The devil is a fallen angel .9. The New Testament is the only way to God10. Mary was a virgin when she had a baby.

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That's the best anwser of all time! JMHO

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