Mar 28, 2020


Key Issues

Recent Changes

In the past, God made certain key promises (called the covenant) to Abraham and his physical descendents, the people of Israel. But in recent times, in light of their ever worsening, seemingly hopeless prospects for the future, we are tempted to do one of three things:

  1. to suspect that God is unable to fulfill the promises that He originally made.
  2. to declare that God has been exonerated from those original promises because they were all conditional upon the Jews' obedience, but the Jews 'dropped the ball'.
  3. to admit that God made those promises, but claim that what God really meant was something other than what He actually said - that is, other than what He expressed in the grammar and semantics of the Hebrew text.

Are we trying to apologize for and make excuses for God? Maybe he needs a few highly trained theologians to bail him out? All of these approaches at best indicate a lack of awareness of the "full counsel of God", and even question His character. At worst, they declare God to be a liar. So what do God's original promises have to do with Israel today?

Has God really said … (Click on a topic below)

  1. that he knows the future and can make it known to his prophets?
  2. that the Church is to be viewed as "spiritual Israel"?
  3. that the natural olive tree will be replaced by the wild olive tree?
  4. that the Jews cannot be reached before the return of Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah, and that therefore Christians need not be concerned with reaching out to the Jews?
  5. that the Jews have no longer any right to return to their former land?
  6. that the Jews right to live in the land is conditional upon their obedience?
  7. that Jerusalem should not be their eternal capital anymore?

Does God really think …

  1. that the passing of 2000 years time has invalidated the identity and role that God originally called Israel to accept?
  2. that wanting to be like other nations is now acceptable before Him?
  3. that the Jews are more acceptable to Him than Palestinian Arabs?

Additional Key Issues …

  1. How can Zionism be Christian?
  2. Why is it that Jews still reject Jesus as their Messiah today?
  3. Is the destruction of Israel at hand?
  4. Is Babylon ever going to be rebuilt again?
  5. Who is a Jew?
  6. Why Christian Disunity regarding Israel?
  7. Aliyah - obligation for Jews AND Christians?
  8. Israel's History - Why is it so unique?
  9. Restoring the Missionary Mandate
  10. Parting of the Ways
  11. Why Israel is God's demo for what marriage ought to be
  12. Many more Key Issues accessible in lists of other websites