Dec 15, 2018



These are just the Sites we've arbitrarily categorized as "General" as they cover multiple groups and a wide spectrum of issues, religious, academic, apologetic, cultural, prophetic, etc.

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Site Name Description
Myths and Facts Online by Mitchell G. Bard, Index of Myths
Berean Call T.A.McMahon and Dave Hunt. Ministry for the purpose of encouraging spiritual discernment. See topics. Radio Ministry, YouTube, iTunes Audio and iTunes Video.
American Congress for Truth (ACT) Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian informing and educating Americans about terrorism against Americans and Jews. She was saved by the Israelis in the Lebanese war and loves Israel. Linked to ACT for America
Caryl Productions Caryl Matrisciana, veteran film maker, analyst of contemporary culture, helping to discern the times in which we live, for 23 years Marketing Director of Jeremiah Films. Videos, DVDs etc.
Worldview Weekend President, Founder: Brannon Howse, Christian Worldview Network, see Worldview Matters daily broadcasts; conferences, courses etc.
John Ankerberg Ankerberg Theological Research Institute, an apologetic ministry, Ankerberg TV Show, Online Programs
Doomsday List List of false prophecies or doomsday predictions

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