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Tzemach News Service Site created January 2008, Radio, On-line TV. News, Bible Institute, Orlando FL. For the older site, "Tzemach Institute for Biblical Studies" click here The Tzemach site has been replaced by "Build up Zion" of the Fellowship Church and the Tzemach Institute of Biblical Studies, Winter Springs, FL.
European Coalition for Israel 'a joint initiative by the four major international Christian pro-Israel address the issue of growing anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism in Europe.'
Test site Test
Test 3 Test 3
International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (subscribe by sending a blank page (free):; Frontpage Jerusalem
Koenig's International News White House & World News
Religion News Today (not specifically Messianic)
Jerusalem Newswire (The journalists reporting for Jerusalem Newswire are Bible-believing Christians)
The Jerusalem Connection, International a Christian Zionist organisation. See their links and read about TJCI.
Jerusalem Watchman (Stan Goodenough; a Christian Zionist; a South African national; a journalist by profession; and a Bible-believer by God's mercy and grace.) is a critical examination of the Israeli-Arab conflict and the players involved in it in relation to the unfolding of biblical prophecy and Godís plan for Israel.
Ramon Bennett Arm of Salvationan was established in 1981, and is an indigenous Israeli Messianic ministry.
David Dolan David Dolan is a Jerusalem-based author and journalist. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, he has lived in Israel since 1980.
Worldview Matters downloadable and live with Brannon Howse,
Alpha News Daily World News and Bible Prophecy. Links to The Prophecies
Defend and Proclaim The Faith continues the site Branch of David. John McTernan, 'contending for the faith,' Jude 1:3, refuting Replacement Theology. Apologetic. News-Updates
Worldview Weekend President, Founder: Brannon Howse, Christian Worldview Network, see Worldview Matters daily broadcasts; conferences, courses etc.
Christians Standing with Israel Christian Zionist website; Israel Articles and links
Minnesotans against Terrorism combatting terrorism, linked to Terrorism Knowledge Base, a research tool. See 90s overview.
Moriel Ministries Director: Jacob Prasch, teaching at Midlands Bible College UK: Israel & End Time Prophecy
Kjos Ministries Brit Kjos, Bio and purpose, apologetics, many useful links on New (Age) Spirituality and its exponents. Lists links to websites that promote World Government. - Archive of articles
Endtime. Politics and Religion Irvin Baxter, Jr. is the pastor of Oak Park Church Of Jesus Christ in Richmond, Radio Talk Show called 'Politics and Religion;' Video series on the book of Revelation. Comments on Wikipedia. Selects "Today's Top Headlines."
The Omega Letter Jack Kinsella, "a subscription-based intelligence newsletter service", "information from public and private intelligence sources from across the internet:" Israel/Middle East, Globalism/Ecumenism, Terror/Islam, Prophecy/Signs, and articles for use as witnessing tools. Subscription: USD 120/year.
UCI, Unity Coalition for Israel The largest network of pro-Israel groups in the world. Daily TV-News in English: JerusalemOnLine DotCom. Weekly News summaries. Israel on YouTube, videos.
Jerusalem World News Dr Mike Evans: "The stories you need to read, from the Middle East and around the World"
Intercessors for Israel Jerusalem-based group under leadership of Eliyahu BenHaim, Chuck Cohen, Ofer Amitai, Lance Lambert a.o. Purpose; this site has mirror sites in several European languages.
Israel Always ICEJ, Earl Cox, TV network, Operation Lifeshield (concrete bomb shelters). Short video with Earl Cox's Challenge to the Church Daily News-updates on Frontpage Jerusalem Radio
Voice of Revolution Dr Michael Brown's webpage. Also see Ask the Rabbi
Frontpage Jerusalem produced by ICEJ, downloads, potcasts
Steel on Steel Alternative News Broadcast covering political, economic and religious issues; hosted by John Loeffler - use pw 4jan for podcasts - 40 days free. USD 7.-/month
Radio Free Church Speakers include David Hocking, Jacob Prasch, Roger Oakland, Bill Koenig, Rick Oliver, Dave Hunt, John Higgins, and many others. We want to take advantage of the available technology and reach the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. - Linked to ITD In the Days, Current news events in the light of Biblical prophecy.

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