Jan 22, 2019


Culture and Worldview

These are sites that recognize that world culture/s must be challenged by the biblical worldview. .

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Site Name Description
Underrstand the Times International "The Understand The Times daily five-minute radio programs are carried by a number of radio stations as a daily commentary bringing biblical insights for contemporary issues."
Jude 3 See 'About Us'
Christian Worldview Network See Worldview Weekend Sites; Worldview Weekend Tube
Focus on Jerusalem "Journey through Bible Prophecy with Darrell G. Young" Powerpoint shows and maps
Summit Ministries "Summit Ministries« is an educational Christian ministry whose very existence is a response to our current post-Christian culture." President: Dr. David Noebel. Conferences, Institutes, lecture series. Worldview Dictionary, seven different worldviews, Faculty
Hope for the World Gary Kah's website, 'in-depth coverage of today's global events;' see products
Koinonia House Chuck Missler's website
Berean Club Contains many MP3 files relevant to Biblical prophecy
BIBLE PROPHECY TODAY David Brickner, JFJ; with collaboraters: "News and Commentary from a Biblical Perspective"
Worldview Matters downloadable and live with Brannon Howse,
EuroMed and the Media English / German / Danish site of Anders Bruun Laursen watching developping globalism: List of his articles
Olive Tree Ministries Jan Markell's Radio Ministry, CDs. Highly informative weekly interviews, also as Podcasts, apologetic, run by Jan Markell etc..since 1975, a dispensationalist view of Bible prophecy, believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be proclaimed "to the Jew first and also to the Greek" - that is to all peoples. Prophecy Watch Articles
Prophecy Matters Jim Fletcher, see his book: The End of the World as We Know it.
Worldview Weekend President, Founder: Brannon Howse, Christian Worldview Network, see Worldview Matters daily broadcasts; conferences, courses etc.
Probe See Probe's Mission Statement; many articles touching on 'Israel in Prophecy': read or instance History Written in Advance by Richard Milne

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