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Christian sites


(The "alternative site" is here.)

Road to Jerusalem

Bridges for Peace

Christian Friends of Israel

Christian Friends of Israel, Canada

Christians for Israel

God's Learning Channel - a Christian TV network with an emphasis on Israel

The Refiner's Fire a hebraic faith website that challenges any person or organization...

Derek Prince The Derek Prince Ministries international website

Christian Zionism The True Story! Over a dozen Christian organisations, or instance ICEJ, and numerous links. (Warning: this website has a counterfeit website disguised under the same name in order to promote a Christian anti-Zionist position. Its address differs by a hyphen.)

For Zion's sake a non-profit Humanitarian Aid Organization (Bradley Antolovich)

Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

Good News for Israel

Olive Tree Ministries (Since 1975, follows a dispensationalist view of Bible prophecy,and believes that the Gospel of Jesus Christ must be proclaimed "to the Jew first and also to the Greek," that is to all peoples)

The Jerusalem Connection, International a Christian Zionist organisation

The Jerusalem Connection, International Prayer for Israel

Zola Levitt

Tend My Sheep

Tzemach News Service many important links

Emet News Service succeeds the Tzemach News Service

Bible-Light "a challenging influence for the Biblical roots of our Judeo-Christian heritage" "Promoting the study of the restoration of Israel and the Hebraic heritage of the Church" - leaning toward preterism

Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, Darmstadt, Germany

Tony Garland "Israel through the Eyes of Scripture" - a free, unique 14 audio lectures course with excellent lecture notes, all downloadable and on CD

Connections - Standing with Israel

Global Israel Alliance "The Global Israel Alliance is an advocational (combining advocacy and education) Jewish-Christian pro-Israel Organization."

Chosen People Ministries

Elisheva's Recommendations (links to numerous helpful links for Presenting Messiah to your Jewish Friend)

The Xenohistorian (Links to numerous History websites leading to incredible collections of other links)

PFI [Prayer for Israel] Bromley/Kent, UK, since 1967

For Your Glory - Barbara Richmond's teaching ministry.

International Prayer Network - Prayer ministry for Israel and the nations

Ahavat Israel

Myths and Facts Online by Mitchell G. Bard, Index of Myths

The Berean Call Berean Prophecy Review ('post-trib' site listing its own & other views)

Armageddon Books over 750 products and 275 sites of every conviction

Lamb & Lion Ministries

Answering Islam (multilingual site)

Centre for the Study of Historical Christian Antisemitism

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